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new year parties

Youth Fedration fest

Sat, 4 Mar 2017 - 05 Mar 2017 , 11:00AM
Bangalore, India , Bangalore
FREE GOA TRIP FOR EVERYBODY 1 DAY BANGALORE TO GOA WHO R ALL PRE REGISTERING TICKET OF 1250RS NOTE: Everybody should attend conference and 24 hours small team building task..... Condition:Before Booking Share this Event For everybody YOUTH FEDRATION FEST The YOUTH POWER! Priority Agenda will guide our advocacy efforts through 2016. As a network ...
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The parties, the trips, the getaways none of them get old. Infact, it gets more interesting and confusing with a gazzilion new ways to celebrate. What matters is, apart from all the fun, you get a chance on a new start! Here are some fun ways to celebrate this year.

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New Year Parties
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