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About Neeta Shankar Photography

"We strive to create timeless memories.", Neeta Shankar says.

If perfect moments cant be frozen, then there has to be a way to capture them and lock them in a frame! Neeta's photography does that to every shot. Giving back perfect memories framed in her own style, Neeta is quickly becoming most couples favourite wedding photographer.

"Perfection is an obsession for Neeta", says Varun, Neeta's husband who also shoots with her. Her works constantly refuse to be cliche. This is one other reason that couples trust her with their 'one of a kind' wedding stories.

Her candid shots truly spin their own lovely story, while her team of photographers and cinematographers seem to back her every careful move. This team of focused artists includes Varun, 2 more Photographers and another team of 2 Cinematographers. They specialise in contemporary wedding shoot and cinematography which concentrates on candid work.

Apart from shooting and cinematographing weddings, Neeta loves to travel. This works well for the team that's based in Bangalore but loves to travel across India for wedding shoots. While still her accolades have been still scoring high, Neeta believes in the next level of perfection in every piece of her work.

Her workshops on post processing, have been helping many photographers. These kind of workshops address the standards of creativity and presentation of the processed pictures. Her workshops also vary from beginner level lessons on photography to advanced, intensive techniques that are involved in photography

Neeta Shankar has also been recognised among top wedding photographers in India and has been on the panel of judges for National level photography events. Her passion for photography and a constant chase towards perfection has become her greatest trademarks. This has to be enough an inspiration to keep watching this space for more of her work and workshops. Do not miss it!

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Neeta Shankar Photography, Sraddha Silver Springs, 17th cross road, BEML Layout Bangalore India 560066

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Neeta Shankar Photography, Sraddha Silver Springs, 17th cross road, BEML Layout Bangalore India 560066

Recent Activity
Neeta Shankar Photography Fri, 18 Feb
Anupama & Vamsi, Bangalore 2016

That gorgeous early morning light!! Shots you can make when clients arrive on time at the location!!

Neeta Shankar Photography Sun, 13 Feb
Just blogged a wedding we shot in 2016. Do check and share!
Sneha & Barath, Reception at MLR Convention Hall - Neeta Shankar Photography | Candid Wedding and Lifestyle Photography Bangalore, India
Sneha and Baraths wedding was a beautiful amalgamation of Tambrahm & Telugu customs. They had an elaborate 4-day long South Indian...
Neeta Shankar Photography Fri, 11 Feb
Ever since I got the Lowepro Tahoe BP150, I have been wanting to do a review on it because I absolutely love it. Definitely the most comfortable camera bag I have ever used.
Lowepro Tahoe BP 150 Camera Bag Review
Anyone whos shot a wedding knows how hectic it can be. Wedding Photography involves a lot of running around and the...
Neeta Shankar Photography Wed, 09 Feb
Anu & Jishnu

#FirstDance #Sangeet #IndianWedding

Neeta Shankar Photography Sat, 05 Feb
Gorgeous light + beautiful bride!

Shruti and Pavan, Bangalore, 2016

Neeta Shankar Photography Fri, 04 Feb
Thank you Zankyou! For naming me one of the top 10 wedding photographers in B'lore.


Top 10 wedding photographers in Bengaluru
To relive a moment is something that everyone wants and if it is your wedding, definitely you can't resist. So simply get one of the best photograph s
Neeta Shankar Photography Tue, 01 Feb
Shot for NDTV Band Baaja Bride S7.
Neeta Shankar Photography Mon, 31 Jan
Anush, Mysore, 2016

Shot for Band Baaja Bride Season 7.

Neeta Shankar Photography Mon, 31 Jan
Pardeep & Shalini, Kolkata, 2015
Neeta Shankar Photography Sun, 30 Jan
Zoha and Jake, 2014
Neeta Shankar Photography Fri, 28 Jan
Sravani & Ramu, 2016
Neeta Shankar Photography Fri, 28 Jan
Most often, Fathers of the brides dont express themselves. They put on a strong face except for a few fleeting seconds when you can actually see how they really feel. And when you capture that fleeting moment, the loving glance for the daughter to cherish, it feels great!
Neeta Shankar Photography Thu, 27 Jan
Neeta Shankar Photography with Suzanne Perumbilavu.
Neeta Shankar Photography Thu, 27 Jan
Have you registered for PEP Asia 2017 yet? Extended Early bird discount still applies and if you register from the link below you get an additional discount on top of that.

This is an amazing opportunity to get inspired by and learn from some amazing photographers like Jerry Ghionis, Brian Smith, Jesh De Rox, Siva Haran and our own Joseph Radhik. Dont miss this.

April 21 - 24, Mumbai.


Neeta Shankar Photography Wed, 26 Jan
Gorgeous Suzanne, Kalpetta, 2016
Neeta Shankar Photography Tue, 25 Jan
Just Married! SonyAnto and Smita
Neeta Shankar Photography Tue, 25 Jan
Throwback to when the tiny little fella would walk under the low center table.
Neeta Shankar Photography Tue, 25 Jan
Neeta Shankar Photography shared their post.
Neeta Shankar Photography
If you are a wedding photographer and want to be inspired beyond expectation, then PEP ASIA 2017 is the conference you need to attend. Its happening between April 21 - 23 in Mumbai and will be hosting some amazing global master photographers like Jerry Ghionis etc.

Right now there is a 30% early bird discount going on. The early bird discount will end in two days!

Followers of my page will receive an additional discount if you register through this link - https://pep.photo/neeta

Register asap to avail both discounts. Hope to see many of you at the event!

Neeta Shankar Photography Tue, 25 Jan
SonyAnto & Smita, 2016
Neeta Shankar Photography Mon, 24 Jan
Neeta Shankar Photography added a new photo.
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Neeta Shankar Photography
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