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About Nathaniel School Of Music

Making quality music education accessible for every passionate budding musician, Nathaniel School of Music was started in 2009. A team of well versed professional musicians, efficient and have researched their subjects are making a difference in the quality  of music and the price at which it reaches the students who want to excel in it. 

Including all music aspects that can be touched in the process of learning, the music school offers a very wide range of interesting lessons that students can pick from. Keeping in mind that these lessons also help with excelling in music with sustainable careers, the ultimate focus is on developing the music industry along the process. With producing great musicians who are also best at presenting quality music, the music school has indeed contributed to the industry in a whole new level. 

Having given to the industry some of the best artists, music teachers, singers and so on, Nathaniel Music School aims in bringing together a group of standard passionate musicians who also give out great performances in the industry. The learners keep learning more than what they sign up for, at Nathaniel Music School.

A performance oriented course called ‘Music Method’, that Nathaniel School of Music offers is one of the most popularly preferred courses. This a 16 week course that takes the learners through a wide range of aspect when it comes to learning and performing music. Along with the theory, learners are also trained with techniques and styles that would help them create and present music in a creative style of their own. Stage performance and attitude are also given a highlight along with techniques involved when playing with a band. 

Mentoring efficient and talented musicians in the city, Nathaniel School of Music also offers a great learning experience that also gives a chance for every musician to chase their passion for music as not just hobby but also as a carrier. They also give an insight on education in music that includes training, recording and production services, professional classes and more. 

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10 Berlie Street Cross Road, Langford Town Bangalore India 560025
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