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About Narasimha Parvatha

The 13 Kilometer trek takes one to the Narasimha Parvatha peak, which stands mighty at the Agumbe. The trek shows some of the dense forests of Agumbe and it is important for the trekkers to stick to a group trek for this one. But the peak makes a stunning trekking spot!

The trek in itself holds quite a challenging trail and a trek terrain that might be tough for a beginner, hence this is mostly done by avid trekkers who have an experience with trekking. At an altitude of 826 meters this is also one of the tallest peaks in Agumbe Ghats. The top views show a stunning 360 degree view of some of the beautiful hill terrains nearby including the Kudremukh ranges. The trail is one of the best spots for watching sunrise and sunset. The Shola forests and the the beautiful grasslands make the trail all the more lovely. 

Trekkers get to pass through some of the lovely spots and rivulets along the trek. While this is still one of the biggest treks in the Agumbe, it is also one of the most sort after trekking spots as well as a great hill escape.

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