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About Mr. Doss

Regarded as one of the most promising Indian EDM artists, Mr. Doss has used his unique skills to mix different genres to create music that has aided to his rise in the music world. His talent for mixing managed to gain a lot of attention of other music producers. He has collaborated with and remixed several international and Indian artists.

Credits Mr. Doss

His work as a DJ

Working with genres like trap, twerk, Moombahton, future bass and dancehall, Mr. Doss works with lesser known elements of electronic and dubstep music in India. This not only gives him the edge over other DJs competing with him but also allows him to introduce new aspects of music in India and create relatively different kind of music for the audiences. 

Credits Mr. Doss

His most significant achievement in his early stages of success was his single Get Rowdy which he collaborated with Vice Versa. His single was released on Pepsi MTV Indies and was later picked up by VH1 India. Since he is just in the infancy of his music career, having a music video on VH1 gives him the edge he needs to rise.

With a growing fan base and internet not getting tried of talking about him, his future seems promising in both Indian and international music scene. Soon his fans can expect his own productions floating the internet.

His Genres

Working with genres like twerk and moombahton, Mr. Doss holds the ability to create more unique music in the future. Twerk music is loosely based on a form of hip-hop music called bounce. With groovy beats and hypersexual lyrics, twerk and trap music is currently trending in the world of spinning discs.  Moombahton on the other hand is an amalgamation of house music and reggaeton.

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