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Founded by alumni from IIT-Delhi and IIM-Calcutta, at Merry Go Learn, we follow a completely fun, hands-on, activity based approach to strengthening core concepts for students in Grades UKG – VIII. We believe that traditional education must be supplemented with “learning by doing” for education to be truly effective. Thus, we are highly application-oriented: our well-qualified facilitators introduce and guide the students through interesting real-life problems and challenges related to the topic being taught. Such challenges, which are often time-bound and competitive, make it fun and exciting for the students. For example, while learning about solar energy, our students built a solar cooker and cook Maggi in it. More examples include building motors and generators to learn about electricity, building periscopes and projectors to learn about reflection and refraction, building working models of lungs to understand respiratory system, making mocktails to understand fractions.

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Merry go Learn 2nd Floor, Avalon Towers, #535 RBI Layout, JP Nagar 7th Phase, Opp. Brigade Millenium Apts Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078 India
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