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About Manju's Cooking Class

Started out in 2002, Manju’s Cooking Class has been a total inspiration to many around the city. Focusing on polishing up cooking skills and getting it to perfect levels, Cooking Classes have been organised throughout the city. Learners get to hear all about cooking some of the most great tasting delicacies that one doesn’t have to get to the restaurant to have them. Evidently, cooking classes at Manju’s Cooking Class easily equips one to prepare great dishes that are both traditional and fun, which does not require a run to the restaurant. 

To make this even more interesting, Manju’s cooking classes also offer sessions for travellers who love to know about Indian Cuisines and how they are prepared. Apart from this Manju’s Cooking class also offers courses on International Cuisines, for culinary enthusiasts. 

Baking classes make this more fun. Unique cakes and desserts are definitely an important part of the sessions and learners love these in particular. Each Cooking Class session involves a live demonstration of the dish, accurate recipes, some take-home samples and some cooking hacks and tricks here and there. 

A fun regular cooking classes at Manju’s would cost about Rs.1,200 a class for one person and a custom cooking classes would cost Rs.4000 for up to 3 people per class. Group cooking classes are also an option for more fun, can also be conducted at Manju’s Cooking Class. 

They also conduct great Chocolate Making classes in Bangalore, making learning sessions more fun and innovative. Lessons on how to make homemade chocolates, liquor chocolates, truffles and chocolate bouquets are given. North Indian recipes, South Indian recipes, Chinese, Lebanese and continental are a part of the cooking classes at Manju’s Cooking Class.

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093421 43126


181, 9th Cross, HMT Layout, RT Nagar Bangalore 560032
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