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About Latino Rhythms Dance Academy

A latin dance academy  has been creating a massive revolution in raising standards with the quality of Latino dance forms for almost a decade. Having some of the best instructors and artists helping with the classes, LRDA makes sure the learners get the best out of these sessions. The academy is also a proud host of 8 International Dance Congresses so far.

Mr.John Anthony, the founder of Latino Rhythms Dance Academy is one of the most efficient trainers popular in both national and on international dance platforms. His simplicity and approach to dance has been inspiring people from various dance forms over the years. His experience in the industry with some of the world’s top artists have helped him gain recognition among various dance form on an expert level. He had rigorous training for about 13 years to master all the Latin dance forms. Thanks to his undying passion he is passing on everything that he has mastered and trained with, selflessly. 

With training and producing over 15000 dancers over the years LRDA is one of the most popular and well-known dance academies in the city. The trainers make sure that the quality of the learning is not compromised while still making the whole experience fun. The academy has two massive dance studios in the city. These studios are well facilitated with recent and comfortable features.  

The academy has an intention of making Indian dance artists known globally so that the country will be recognised among world dance platforms. Focusing on this goal, LRDA has been striving to reach out to as many passionate dancers possible. Aiming at an institute that churns out world class dancers and professionals from India, Latino Rhythms Dance Academy keeps its bars raised high when it comes to learning the dance form and also the performing arts. With trainers and motivators like Mr.John Anthony, the academy is sure to achieve its dream.

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080 40926810


Koramangala Industrial Layout, Opposite to Jyoti Nivas College, Bangalore, India
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