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Sedrick Sedu
cool,osm,amd good
This review was for Salsa L-3 Weekend Batch - 10 Dec 2016.
cool,osm,amd good
This review was for Salsa L-3 Weekend Batch - 10 Dec 2016.
Arnold Andrews
Latin dance in mind? go here! :D
This review was for Hip Hop Weekend Batch - 3 SEPT.
Latin dance in mind? go here! :D
This review was for Hip Hop Weekend Batch - 3 SEPT.
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About Latin Dance India

As the name proudly refers, this is one of the best Latin Dance groups in India, reaching out to dance lovers with quality training of various dance forms. Although Latin Dance India specializes with salsa, there are other dance forms that are also provided lesson sessions for. 
Latin Dance India was started by the enthusiastic and passionate dancers Sai and Kirti in 2007. The talented dancers performed on international stages and received great appreciation on their performances and have been trained by great international artists. Sai and Krithi were also the first Indian couple to be on ESPN World Championship in 2007.

Aiming on spreading the love for dance among every possible groups of people, they also conduct workshops, events and classes. Latin Dance India has provided the dance industry with some of the best dancers and artists and that is quickly becoming a bustling venue filled with Sasa and other Latin forms of dance. LDI has one of the best dance floors in the city, with very comfortable facilities. 

Latin Dance India believes that great dancers are not because of the techniques and knowledge of the dance form but because of the passion that drives them. LDI also insists that dance is for everyone and with that motive, caters to different kinds of crowds, irrespective of age and other limitations. 

Workshops, events and festivals that are organized by LDI focus on not only quality and performance of the dance but also relies on building a strong community of passionate dancers. Their sessions and classes involve fun sessions of learning while still keeping the dance form authentic. 

Official Website View Latin Dance India on Facebook Get Directions

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#607, 17th D Main, 80 Feet Peripheral Road, Koramangala 6th Block Bangalore India 560095

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#607, 17th D Main, 80 Feet Peripheral Road, Koramangala 6th Block Bangalore India 560095

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Latin Dance India Mon, 13 Mar
Dont spend another afternoon staring at a gym; try a hip-hop dance class instead! By taking regular hip hop classes, you will experience improved stamina and endurance. Hip-hop challenges the body and strengthens muscles, while increasing flexibility and developing your coordination skills and balance.

Join the Urban Hip-Hop classes happening at LDI every weekend and experience a whole new world of dance and fitness!

#monday #motivation #fitness #hiphop

Latin Dance India Mon, 13 Mar
Latin Dance India added an event.
New SALSA Level 1 Weekend Batch - 18 March
For all you Salsa lovers out there!

Join Latin Dance India's New Salsa Level 1 (For Beginners) Weekend Batch starting 18th Mar 2017 at Latin Dance India, Koramangala.

Sign up now for a FREE trial Salsa class!


Duration: 3 months

Day & Time: Saturday & Sunday: 3:30 4:30 pm

Fees per person: Rs 6300/- (for 3 months)

Fees for couples: Rs 11,600/- (for 3 months)

Kindly Note:

Wear something comfortable for classes, such as track pants & t shirts. Carry a pair of socks with you to class.

Investing in a pair of dance shoes is advised. This will help you dance better in class and in Salsa Parties. Please contact LDI on +91 9448380213 to place your order for Salsa Heels/Ballroom Shoes.

Registrations are open for the above mentioned batch.

Please register before the batch starts, especially if you are joining alone.

Partner is not compulsory, but recommended.

For any related questions or details, visit our website www.latindanceindia.com

email: kirthi.2882@gmail.com

You may call us at +919448380213 / +91 9900822718.

Spread the Word and help us spread the joy of SALSA!

LIKE - us on FB to stay updated on the latest dance classes, dance parties and dance events in Bangalore.


See you on the Dance Floor!

Latin Dance India Sun, 12 Mar
Celebrating Holi Like Never Before!!!

This super awesome Holi Video is dedication from Latin Dance India to everyone out there who Live, Love, Laugh & DANCE!!!

A huge thank you to Sai Raja, Sagar Marktho, Adnan Khan, Akanksha Kohli & Kirthi Kishore for making this rocking video. Gajendra, we could not have done this without your love & support.

Enjoy the video... Like, share, tag, comment and spread the Love..HAPPY HOLI!!!

Celebrating Holi... Latin Dance India Style!!
Dance your hearts out this Holi... Spread Love, Friendship & Laughter through dance. This colorful video is a dedication to dancers who touch many lives thro...
Latin Dance India Sat, 11 Mar
We Will Find You.. We Will Colour You. Stay tuned!!!
Latin Dance India Sat, 11 Mar
Life Is Better When You Dance!!! Make New Friends, Stay Healthy, Forget About Life's Worries, Discover passion, Appreciate Music, Travel The World & Boost Your Confidence Through Salsa... Latin Dance India welcomes you to join us for a very exciting Salsa Beginners Batch starting on 18th March. Get Inspired, Get Dancing!!!!
Sai Raja & Kalpana at La Rumba, Bangalore's Premier Salsa Party.
Latin Dance India (LDI) is best Salsa Dance School in Bangalore. It is known for quality Salsa Classes & Hip Hop Classes. Its not just a Dance Studio, i...
Latin Dance India Sat, 11 Mar
Hip Hop at Latin Dance India with Sagar Marktho!!!
Latin Dance India Thu, 09 Mar
Throwback to Sai Raja and Kirthi Kishore's stunning performance at the 7th India International Salsa Congress. They sure did slay the dance floor with their mesmerising moves!

#throwback #thursdays

Latin Dance India Wed, 08 Mar
Happy Women's Day.

Cheers to All Women who Have Inspired Millions Through DANCE....Keep Inspiring, Keep Loving, Keep Smiling & Keep Rocking The World!!!!

Latin Dance India Tue, 07 Mar
Yes, kirthi kishore is taking over #KRYPTONTV for an entire day tmrw. It's gonna be a busy day filled with rehearsals, fun, friends, challenges, hard work and loads of DANCING!!!
Kirthi Kishore, Bangalore's famous Salsa dancer taking over KryptonTV | KryptonTV
Kirthi is a hardcore Salsa fan from Hyderabad! She's been living in Bangalore for almost the last 20 years.
Latin Dance India Tue, 07 Mar
Latin Dance India added an event.
Urban Hip-Hop Festival
Come be a part of the Hip hop Dance Festival happening this Saturday with the super-talented dancer and choreographer @[1488663016:2048:Sagar Marktho]!

The entry to the dance session is FREE for all.

Doesn't matter if you think you two left feet! Our Hip Hop instructor will make sure that you have a blast and discover a new groovy you!!!

What are you waiting for???

Book Your Spot Now and avail a FREE ENTRY to the Hip Hop Dance Festival!

Call Us On +919448380213/ 9900822718

Stay in touch with us on FB: www.facebook.com/latindanceindia

Visit us at: www.latindanceindia.com

Spread The Word!!!

Latin Dance India Tue, 07 Mar
Hey Folks, we are back with our 3rd episode of Taboo Tuesdays!!!! Hope you like it and have fun watching it. We had a ball shooting for this one :) Thank you Sagar.

This is important for both, men and women. Like it, Share it, tag your friends and like we always say...Keep Dancing, Spread The Love!!!!

Latin Dance India Sun, 05 Mar
Hit the Salsa Floor with us!!!
Kirthi Kishore and Atish Khan, hit the Salsa Floor at La Rumba.
Latin Dance India (LDI) is one of the best Salsa Dance School in Bangalore. It is known for quality Salsa Classes & Hip Hop Classes. Its not just a Danc...
Latin Dance India Sun, 05 Mar
Sai and kirthi had a ball of a time performing at STNI Conference 2017 in Coimbatore. The shows & workshop were superb. The audiences loved it. This event has been very special for Sai and Kirthi because, not only did the audiences love our work, but they treated us like family. They danced with us, took pictures with us and showed us a lot of love and appreciation. It was an absolute pleasure to be with these wonderful people at the STNI conference 2017. Sai and kirthi look forward to being back with all of you very soon. Till then, keep smiling, keep dancing and keep spreading the Love!!!!
Latin Dance India Fri, 03 Mar
Watch Sagar Marktho groove to "Let me love you!"

Register for the Urban Hip-Hop batch starting on the 4th of March, and avail a FREE TRIAL DANCE CLASS with Sagar!

Latin Dance India Thu, 02 Mar
Throwback to our performance in Mumbai at the Salsa Festival last year!


Latin Dance India Wed, 01 Mar
Meet our most versatile choreographer and dancer Sagar Marktho! Having more than a decade of experience in dance, Sagar specialises in New School Hip-Hop, Lyrical Funk and Lyrical Contemporary. Marktho is loved and adored by his students!

He is the also founder of Mathematics art of entertainment, a creative dance and media company.

Register now for URBAN HIP HOP, starting 4th March 2017 to be instructed exclusively by the super-talented Marktho!

Latin Dance India Mon, 28 Feb
"When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It is to enjoy each step along the way." Wayne Dyer

For those nights when you need a little inspiration.

Latin Dance India Mon, 28 Feb
Hey girls! This video got to be sooo popular we've been asked to re-share, so here goes! In case you're wondering...it's all about how dancing is not just good for your SOUL, it also needs the right SOLE ;) Yeah, those heels may look awesome, but will they stand the test on the Salsa floor? Watch this fab video to find out, as the super awesome Kirthi Kishore tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about the right shoes for Salsa!
Latin Dance India
Hey Folks, This is our first episode of "Taboo Tuesdays"... Hope this helps and entertains you as well...Have fun.
Latin Dance India Sun, 27 Feb
Monday blues got ya? Do the Salsa! No kidding! Dance improves our mood by raising endorphin levels. It enhances the harmony between our mind and body, leading to better emotional health. Feel good, the Salsa way!

Live better, do the Salsa! Kirthi Kishore Sai Raja

Latin Dance India Sat, 26 Feb
This man can make you dance. Don't believe us? Come on over for a trial class this 4th of March at LDI and check it out for yourself. We're offering a FREE trial class for our Urban Hip Hop weekend batch that kicks off 4th March and you can catch Sagar Marktho in action as he hip hops his way to the funnest contemporary dance class you would've ever been to!

Tired of floating around the fringes of the dance floor wishing you could dance? Join Sagar this coming Saturday- this man WILL make you dance! Sai Raja Kirthi Kishore URBAN HIP HOP BATCH - 4 March

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Latin Dance India
Simply Horrible. - Will not recommend even to my enemy. Bad - Not worth my time So-So. Good-some, bad-some. Amusing. Definitely worth attending. Wow, what an experience!
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