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About Kenfortes Art School

Started out as Kalamandir, as early as 1996 by Mr.Suresh who is a well known artist, photographer, art teacher and designer, KenFortes was recently renamed. The academy believes that through an artists constant impact and inspiration, it is much easier to kindle the artistic sense in many, with less effort. Keeping this in mind, the academy set out on reaching out to as many budding artists in the city as possible, in order to rekindle and inspire the artist in them. 

With unique and learner-friendly methods, the academy's approach was quite the impact on artists who were still trying to find strong grounds to build on the art. With an idea that professional and expert artist could impact the crowd in a much easier way, the sessions here are handled by great experienced artists. However, the major fine art classes are directly handled by Mr.Suresh himself, to make sure the sessions bring out the best in each artist. 

He also designed a unique art course that has in all ways helped the learning artists find their best interest and improvise on the art using simple methods of learning and great art techniques. His 20 years of experience with art as a teaching and practising career, Mr.Suresh has made great changes in the way artists approach art. Having involved in Children Art and teaching, he has a specialisation in the field of involving and interacting with children to inspire them with art and to mentor them. He has also organised a number of children art exhibitions in the country. 

KenFortes is now quickly bringing in new approach to art, letting the artists explore and master the art too.

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585, 12th cross J.P Nagar 2nd phase Bangalore, Karnataka, India – 560078
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