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About Kaurava Kunda

Kaurava Kunda is located about 75 Kilometers from Bangalore and is at an altitude of 820 ft. The name of the hill comes from the two great historical clans of Pandavas and Kauravas, as the hill is a doublet hill. The scenic hill is one of top destinations for trekking near Bangalore for both night and day treks from Bangalore.

Image Credits: Escape2Explore.com

The trek trail also shows shrine of Lord Shiva that the trekkers will be able to explore while on the trek. The trek, although doesn’t rise to a great altitude is considered a moderate level trek because of the flight of sandy stairs that lead the trail. The trail is mostly preferred for a night treks near Bangalore. 

As scenic as the Chikkaballapur already is, the night trek shows lights from the town scatters across making it one of the most beautiful views. At sunrise the trekker also gets the glimpse of the lovely town. The trek is one of the perfect weekend getaways that practically works for a beginner trekker.

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