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About Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath

This is one of the premier fine art institutions in the country. Its activities extend to dance performances, folk theatre, photography exhibitions, puppet shows and musical recitals. Chitrakala Parishath is a goldmine of paintings by famous artists including Roerich. It contains a graphic studio and an open air theatre, and houses five art galleries which are hired out to artists who wish to display their work. The Parishat has worked to revive dying art forms, its most notable successes being in traditional Mysore paintings and leather puppetry. It also holds workshops, artists’ camps and demonstrations. The institution houses the Chitrakala Vidyalaya, a college of fine art forms, affiliated to the Bangalore University and offering courses in painting, sculpture, graphic art, applied art and art history.

Art Courses

Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath also conducts art courses in its college that includes painting, art, sculpture, art history, graphic art, applied art. The courses are diploma, degree and short-term courses.  Karnataka Chitrakala Parishatha also has a department which publishes book related to art and culture.The practice came into existence in 1992 and is still continued.


Chitra Santhe Festival

For art and culture loving individulas, Chitra Santhe is a great and huge event to attend.This annual festival is held on the streets of Kumara Krupa Road,outside the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath. The event invites artists,both professionals and aspiring from across the country to showcase their art and talent.These artists display their work-paintings,sculptures,porcelains,etc and put on for sale publicly.And if you want yourself to be sketched,it's possible here,in minutes. 2017 will see the 14th edition of Chitra Santhe, so will you! You get to so much of art and culture without spending a penny!Yes,it's free of cost.


One important function of the Parishath is to publish books of art and culture genre.A notable publication of the centre is the book on Mysore Traditional Painting published and has been translated in Kannada language. KCP actively publishes such books on a regular basis.

Stone Temple

 One interesting place to see inside the Chitrakala Parishath is the beautiful Stone Temple.The art work of this temple may appease you for sure.

Galleries on Rent

KCP has five additional galleries that are rented out on a permanent basis to national and international organisations since the ideal location of this place fascinates and compels them to host their exhibitions here.Ma Mueller and Lalit Kala Academy hosts their exhibitions here on a permanent basis. KCP has been a host to many art legend who have exhibited their art work here.

Food Facility

The place has food facility as well,to make sure that you do end your appetite after watching the art works,or even before that!

Nearby Places

So if you save /have time after visiting KCP, you can go for Jayamahal Park, Palace Ground,Fun World and Snow City to get a good taste of entertainment once you are done with art gyaan'! These places would surely make the day special for you, family and kids.

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No.1 Art Complex, Kumara krupa Road Kumara Park East, Seshadripuram Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001
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