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The Entrepreneur Journeys with "YourStory" Founder and "ZoomCar"

Sat, 21 Jan 2017 , 9:00AM
An Entrepreneur's Journey IvyCamp has created a series around the lifecycle of successful and not successful startups. The idea is to create case studies (live and recorded) whereby an entrepreneur talks through the cycle of their startup from ideation to where they are today. ...
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About Kalaari Capital

Our Approach

We seek out entrepreneurs who lead energetic young companies that are providing innovative solutions, growing rapidly, and ready to partner with us to build value. We move quickly to evaluate and cultivate prospective additions to our portfolio with critical questioning and constructive feedback. We commit to a transparent, efficient, ethical dialogue, from introduction to investment and beyond.

Our team draws from decades of experience as entrepreneurs, executives, and investors to provide advice and mentorship to our portfolio companies. We offer a high level of accessibility that adds value to the enterprises we support. With Silicon Valley backgrounds and deep roots in India, we offer a critical understanding and solution orientation to the challenges faced by today's Indian entrepreneur.

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