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About Jus' Trufs

Primarily meant for the chocolate crazy lot or individuals. The place has a huge diversification of chocolates and its products. They are serious in corporate gifts, wedding purposes, birthdays and other such events as well. And worth to mention that they are a specialist in cakes as well. This dine-in cafe also offers Cuisines such as continental and are worth to give a try for.

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Serene ambiance, in and out, and the taste is what tops the list. Then comes the love of the chocolates and the varieties you choose from. Service is another USP to add to. The over all rating would be a high five once you leave this place.

Pricing: For a group of 2, the approx coat would be somewhere around Rs 1000. Won't hit that hard to the wallet as the taste here would cease your tongue. 

Try These Out:  Besides the galore of cakes and other chocolate items to taste, you can have a plate of continental food over here.

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Jus' Trufs 9 Jakkur Road, Jakkur Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064
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