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About Jakkur Airfield

Jakkur Airfield (IATA: IN-0011, ICAO: VOJK) is a general purpose airport serving Bangalore, Karnataka in India. It is the only dedicated general aviation field in Bengaluru. The other three airports are either private (HAL - VOBG), military (Yelahanka - VOYK) or dedicated to commercial operations (BIAL - VOBL). It is spread over an area of 214 acres to the north of Bangalore, just after the Hebbal flyover near the village of Jakkur. The airfield premises include facilities for flight training, area leased to private parties for hangars and maintenance activities and other common facilities (airstrip, fuel station etc.).

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In a nutshell, Jakkur Airfield is one of the top choices for adventure in Bangalore. With variety of activities happening here, the place attracts a huge number of crowd and adventure lovers.

Below is the list of some adventurous and thrilling activities and events which you can go for.

Flying School:  Jakkur Airfield has a Government Flying Training School (GFTS) meant for training of aspiring pilots.It has been into operation since 1950.Cessna 152 (Rs 9500 per hour) and Cessna 172 (Rs 10,000 per hour) are the two planes used for training purpose.

Jakkur Para sailing: One of the most loved activities in this place is the adventurous and thrilling and para sailing. On weekends, one can explore Bangalore and surrounding from great heights like a bird through this para sailing adventure.

Jakkur Hot Air Balloon Ride: Sitting inside a hot air balloon and flying high in the sky is what you have wondered for a long time.  Jakkur airfield gives you the opportunity to fulfil this prolonged desire.Events are held frequently wherein you can experience thrill and adventure through the hot air balloon ride.Discover the all new Bangalore through bird's eye.

Microlight flying: Perhaps one of the most attractive adventure activity you will ever come across in Bangalore is microlight flying.This two-seater aircraft weighs 450 Kg and that is why referred as 'microlight'.  At Jakkur airfield, one can fulfil the desire of flying in this thrilling aircraft.Adrenaline rush at your own risk!

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