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About Institute of Baking and Cake Art

The Institute of Baking and Cake Art was founded in the year 2000 by Mr.M.K.Gaur and Mr.Manish Gaur. With an aim to give out specialised, expertise classes on baking, the institute was started with a small group of eager learners and 2 talented teachers. The ultimate aim of the institute being about sharing and training the students with why's and how's of baking through theory along with practical knowledge. This part of learning however, lacked significance with other baking and cooking institutes in the country. They began with the most simplest and basic baking lesson courses like bread making, cookie making, cakes/pastries and home baking classes. With 2 very experienced teachers the institute started gaining attention from some passionate bakers and eager learners.

The courses did great and quickly reached out to many in terms of their content and imparting of basic knowledge of baking. This lead to more growth and movement to larger premises with better facilities and 9 courses and 7 teachers. Soon there was also a 14 week Diploma course in Baking, Confectionery and Cake art that the students actively started taking part in. The commercial bakery, Caramel, that the institute had taken over, became a very good source of learning and experiencing baking for the students. The freedom of learning through practice and experience is one of the great constant focus for the institute. They also encourage students to create their own styles and flavours in baking.

As a  niche, one of a kind training school in the country, the motto is to grow with an information base in Baking and Confectionery. They are keen on creating a space for progressive sharing and learning of knowledge and research in the world of baking. Their ultimate focus is on Baking and Confectionery. They also have a global recognition and have students from different parts of the country and from other countries joining them to learn and observe the deepest knowledge about baking, wanting to give out the best kind of service and products.

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080 2210 6619


46/3, Mission Road-Double Road Junction, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560027
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