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Indiranagar Club- Bangalore’s One-Stop Location for All Kinds of Events

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These days there are several locations dedicated to certain types of events. You have permanent stages constructed for musical performances, there convention centers made for exhibitions and sales, halls for conferences, and many others. If, however, you ever wish to conduct an event that has more than one sort of fixture, then you might be in a spot of trouble. For example, if you are conducting a car expo, but there is to a musical show as the grand finale, then you need to have a place that can accommodate both of these events. While such a place is certainly hard to find, it is not outright impossible. In Bangalore, one such place is the Indiranagar Club. Famous for many years since its conception as a place made for events and fun experiences, Indiranagar Club has been the first choice for anyone in Bangalore who has wished to arrange a fixture, with the help of the best amenities and facilities, as well as lots of workable space. Located in HAL 2nd Stage, the Indiranagar Club has been functioning for over three decades, with over three thousand members, some of them being the biggest corporate names in the country.

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One of the best things about the Indiranagar Club is its location. Merely 6 kilometers away from Vidhana Soudha, the Indiranagar Club is quite close to both the Airport and the Railway station. This makes the club one of the best places to host a program when you are expecting people from other parts of the country or the world. The club itself is quite well-known for its open air setting. Since one of the most common events to take place at the Indiranagar Club are the Flea Markets, an open air setting is quite useful. It allows people to freely walk from one stall to the other, while the wind and the breeze makes them feel refreshed and energized. The Indiranagar Club’s ample size makes sure that you can have a lot of people at the same time, with have a very congested affair on your hands. This makes the club the perfect place for banquets, wedding and big parties. There is also a performance stage, with all the best sound and light facilities, which makes it possible for the club to successfully organize concerts and other musical events. The club also has ample power backup in case of any form of electrical outage.
It’s safe to say that there is a constant presence of events at the Indiranagar Club. A few that have taken place in the past include the Christmas Carnival, Diwali Flea Market and the Wonders of Woman Sale.
The Indiranagar Club is not just a great place for organising events, but a relaxing place to visit as well. Its open air nature makes you feel relaxed as you go about looking at the wonderful items on display.

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9th Main, 4th Cross, HAL II Stage, Indira Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008
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