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Trekking in the Himalayas is literally every avid trekker’s ‘adventure junkie’ qualification. Treks like Everest Base Camp, Roopkund, Har Ki Doon, Pin Parvati, are some of the popular treks. Himalayan Treks have the perfect mix of fun, adventure, adrenaline rush, mind blowing panoramic views and lovely trek trails with snow-capped mountains towering over the trails. Starting with easy treks for beginners to difficult treks that can challenge even very fit trekkers, the trails all lead to a point where they will leave you feeling humbled, invincible, confident and insignificant all at the same time.

If you are looking to explore the magnificent mountain scapes and views in the Himalayas, then getting on an adventure trek would be the best way around. On a trek, the trekkers get to experience some of the best views, trail through the lovely villages in the Himalayas, experience various lifestyle and local delicacies. Camping on a Himalayan Trek could be one of the greatest fun and challenge both at the same time. To top it off are the up close views of the scintillating panoramic views of the Himalayan peaks, that simply make you feel so insignificant among the mightiest. 

There are Himalayan Treks that the trekkers can explore, depending on the difficulty level and their fitness levels too. While Himalayan Treks are fun and adventurous, they are adventures that require certain levels of fitness that will sure help with the experience of the trek. Most of the moderate or difficult level Himalayan Treks are High Altitude Treks that would require the trekkers to trek up about 14,000 ft. At an altitude as high as this, there are chances for the trekkers to go through AMS which Acute Mountain Sickness. Proper fitness, medication and health measures help with letting the trekkers enjoy the Himalayan Trek experience. While on this High Altitude Treks, planning the number of days on the trek and spanning out the acclimatization days on the trek are to be keenly looked into. There are professional trekking companies that specialize on helping the trekkers gain a better experience trekking in Indian Himalayas.

Trekkers are also required to equip well with trekking gears and clothing while on a Himalayan Trek. Some of the best Himalayan Treks in India are the ones the trekkers get to trek on a High Altitude while also trailing through various landscapes that might also show snow or a river crossing. There are special camping tents that serve the purpose according to the temperatures on a Himalayan Trek, trekkers are required to get equipped relevantly. It is important that the trekkers are able to get through these mindfully. Preparing and packing their backpacks depending on the number of days on a trek and the difficulty level helps the trekkers gain a better Himalayan Trek experience.