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About Halebidu

Located in Hassan District, Halebidu is one of the richest in heritage and architecture hub of the Hoysala Empire. As the capital of this empire from the 12th Century, Halebidu literally means ‘Old City’, which is now one of the most important tourist spots in Karnataka

Image Credits: wikimedia.org

The hoysaleshwara temple at Halebidu comprises of two major temples, the Hoysaleswara Temple and the Kedareswara Temple. These are the oldest temples that are a tribute to the kind of that time, King Vishnuvardhana. The two temples have statues of Nandi situated just right on the sides that are perfectly carved monoliths. 

There is also an archaeological museum right near the temples. The temples have some of the stunning sculptures and art work. The diligently done carvings, with intricate details point out to some of the best workmanship from the 12th Century. 

Depictions from the Hindu mythology, dancing figures and other sculptures at the  temples have been done with great importance to workmanship. However skillful the craftsmanship that had took over the art in the temple was, it is said that even after 86 years of talented sculptors working on it, the temples have not been completely finished. While this is still on a debate, no two depictions or sculpts of the temples repeat themselves on the other.

Apart from these famous art marvels, there are also some Jain basadi at Halebidu. The Parshvanatha Basadi and the Shantinatha Basadi. These two statues were sculpted with intricate and careful workmanship of some of the best sculptors back then. Carved out of black granite stones, these sculptures are 18 feet tall and have been proposed for an UNESCO World Heritage site

Things to Do

1. Enjoy the archaeological marvels and art sculptures from the 12th Century

2. Visit the temples 

3. Visit Belur, which is also a historical place.

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