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About Gokarna Trek

Gokarna is one of the most fun tourist spot which also caters to adventure lovers with a fun Beach Trek. The trek is called the Golden Trail trek and is a must do when in Gokarna! A perfect 2 day trip to Gokarna will let you experience the lovely trek and the other must do's when in Gokarna. The trail takes one through some of the most scenic beaches and is also the best way to explore Gokarna.

How To Reach:

1. You can drive to Gokarna from Bangalore. It is a 499 Kms drive.

2. There are buses available from Bangalore to Gokarna.


Day 1:

1. Leave from Bangalore late evening.Travel to Gokarna is an overnight journey.
2. Reach Gokarna and freshen up. After breakfast, start with the Beach Trek.
3. The trek will start from Paradise beach. You can reach the beach either by boat or by trekking through a forest patch that shows a beautiful stretch of the coastline.
4. From Paradise Beach, trek along the coast to reach the Half-Moon beach, which is just a cliff away from the popular Om Beach. There will be a lot of shacks on the beach to relax and soak into the beach sand.
5. Trek over the cliff to the lovely Om Beach, stop over for a meal by the beach.
6. Another small trek through a forest patch will lead you to the Sunset Point. As the name suggests, this is one of the perfect spots for a sunset watch.
7. Kudle beach from the sunset point is one the most scenic trail that you will be taking. Kudle beach is also known for its delicious sea-food and local delicacies.
8. Dinner at Kudle Beach and get back to the homestay for some camping fun!

Day 2:

1. Head to the Kudle Beach to catch the sunrise and halt for breakfast.
2. Stop over at Gokarna Beach
3. Visit the Shiva Temple.
4. Reach homestay and head back to Bangalore

Things To Carry:

1. A cap in case it’s sunny trekking through the day.
2. A Torch
3. Enough change of clothes to be at the beach.
4. 2 Liters of water for the trek.
5. Ponchos if you’re trekking during monsoons.

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