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About Fireflies Ashram

Founded in 2001, Fireflies Ashram is an eco-spiritual place that is open to all spiritual traditions. They emphasises on personal and spiritual growth, social engagement and environmental actions. They believe in spiritualism is what will play a major role in promoting human rights and sustainable environment.

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Their philosophy lies with the integration of all spiritual ideas. Fireflies believes in accepting all great religious traditions, which is the collective heritage of mankind and not just one community. Teachings of great spiritual leaders like Buddha, Kabir, Christ, Gandhi, Vivekananda, Krishnamurthy and many others are given as much importance as secular ideas in advancement of Human freedoms.

Siddhartha, the founder of Fireflies Ashram is one of India's leading theorists, activist and writer. But this asharam propagates the idea of being an Ashram without a Guru. He created this place for refuge, introspection, meditation, and soul searching. Eco-spirituality or Earth Spirituality is the core idea of this place. Taking care of Earth because it takes care of us is one the principle of Eco Spirituality.

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Located in the outskirts of city, around 40 kms away from the main city of Bangalore, Fireflies Ashram is situated in a lush green grounds sloping towards a beautiful lake. The Ashram compound has organic farm, a meditation hall, an amphitheater, a library and three conference halls. This place can house up to 80 people.

Ashram is generally a hub of various activities like Art, Music festival, festivals, Peace Organizations and Health Services. There is an Art Village inside the Ashram which includes a group of artists who do metal work, sculptures. stained glass and paintings. The Music Festival at Fireflies Ashram is a huge event, and is widely attended. It weaves a lot of genres of music like fusion, tribal, jazz and son into one concert. Traditionally Hindu festivals like Sita Devi festival and Ganesh Festivals has been integrated by the Ashram, and celebrated in the Ashram, only in a new form with elements of earth spirituality imbibed in it. Regular conferences and meetings are held in collaboration with Pipal Tree dealing with socio-political and environmental issues. Peace Committees are founded in various slum areas with volunteers who promotes harmony, cultivate diversity and develop conflict resolution skills.

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