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About DJ Vishnu

DJ Vishnu has been rocking the beats of techno, house, RnB and hip-hop for the last 15 years. The freelance DJ from Bangalore loves to add one or two surprise tracks in his mix to keep the party goers on their feet. After spending over 5 years in Mumbai headlining at some of the biggest clubs, he came to Bangalore and rocked the local nightlife scene with his groovy beats and tunes.

Credits DJ Vishnu

Career as a DJ

He started performing as a DJ in Cochin and later moved to Mumbai to work with the famous DJ Suketu for a year. After his time with the renowned DJ, he started headlining at some popular party places in Mumbai like  J49, Scottish Arms, Onyx etc.  Apart from the clubs, the DJ also performed at several corporate and Bollywood parties giving the busy people of Mumbai a chance to blow off some steam by letting their hair down to his beats.

Credits DJ Vishnu

When he performs he only aims to keep the party animals on the floor till the last track. With that goal, he has performed at several party venues in major cities in India. 

His only motivation in working as a DJ is creating a high energy atmosphere for the crowd and keep them grooving to his beats till the last track on his list.

He settled down at Taika before becoming a freelance DJ and performing at some of the most popular party hot-spots in Bangalore like Latitude, Opium, Club X, Sparks, Cosmo Village and many more.

DJ Vishnu's work as a freelancer has taken him to perform at several party hotspots in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai and Cochin.

He continues to keep the city people away from their worries with his mixes every night he gets to perform. 

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