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About DJ Rislyn

A young woman working towards turning her dreams in reality, Rislyn Debbarma first came to know about DJ'ing when she first moved to Bangalore to pursue Biotechnology. The idea of becoming a DJ soon took its place in her mind and that idea later became her dream. As making any dream become real requires loads of dedication and work, DJ Rislyn has effortlessly toiled her way to manage her time between studying and spinning her DJ set in parties.

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From dream to reality

New to the world of music, Rislyn took her first steps with an event organizer "Fun-key events" who helped her enter the world of DJing and DJ Nayan from Assam to learn the basics of the field.  She then joined the Audio Life School of sound engineering as a disc jokey to polish her skills.

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For her being a DJ not only means that she gets to mix and create music but finding the perfect match in two or more beats to create a tune that can be enjoyed by her audience.

Working day and night to mix and prepare the perfect sounds for her fans, DJ Rislyn continues to create beats that help her audience get loose and forget all the frustrations of city life. The fact that her music was enough for a person to forget his\her worries and dance like there's no tomorrow keeps her motivated.

Credits DJ Rislyn

Currently juggling her time between modeling and Djing, Rislyn Debbarma plans to produce her own music one day and work with some of the biggest names in the DJ industry.

With the kind of dedication shown by her at such an early stage of her professional career, she shows a promising career in music. Her future plans include producing her own tracks. For this, the young artist has already started learning the art of music production.

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