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About DJ Nash

Attending a party with him at the console is not just a party. Its a session; A Nashty Session. With a name like that, the night will surely have something big in store for you. The DJ has more than twelve years of experience in making people go crazy on the dance floor, this DJ always brings something new to a venue with his unique mixing style. He dedicates his style to the resonance of sounds from UK.

Credits DJ Nash

Nashty Sessions

His combines the aspects of soulful/funky house music with electro/tech sounds that result in melodies that can easily help in breaking a dance floor. His sessions are not only full of distinct mixing techniques but the raw energy he emanates from behind the console is more than enough to keep the party people on their feet. 

Credits DJ Nash

After he started freelancing, he went on to perform at jam packed venues in Bangalore, Delhi, Goa, Mumbai, Pune and even completed an eight city Nashty Sessions international tour across Dubai, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. Most of these arenas were jam packed with crowds that had a memorable audio-visual experience.

Credits DJ Nash

His most recent venture is Nashty TV. A concept that provides the complements your clubbing experience with memorable audio-visual effects. This gives regular party animals a chance to groove to his beats and watch the videos LIVE. His database of HD videos and talent in editing videos makes him one of the leading VDJs in town. So follow him and be ready for the next Nashty Session near you. 

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