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About DJ Ivan

DJ Ivan is without a down India’s top entertainment music pioneers. His undying passion for music, to which he adds his twist of original to, sets him a class apart from the artists in the industry. Over the years, audience have grown quickly fond of his style of music that puts the actual party vibe into the scene. 

His career started of way back in 1992 at a nightclub called Time & Again. Ever since his sense of experimenting various genres of music has given him a first hand experience at bringing the party roof down and the energy of the crowed to another level party high.

In 2001 he was the only Indian DJ to have performed at the ‘Ministry of Sounds’ India Tour. After hitting heights of success and contributing some of the hit music to the industry, DJ Ivan has been hosting his own radio show ‘Hotmix’. He also has his own popular single called ‘Music Is My Life’. He has been setting great standards for entertainment music. His focus is mainly on exploring various genres and also setting the party on high energy mode with a better quality of work every single time.

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