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About DJ Hemanth

Spinning his disc with a belief that music should play people and not the other way around, this Bangalore based DJ has made a name for himself in Bangalore's nightlife scene. His performances in different party arenas of Bangalore have been lauded by many party goers. His ability to get the people on the dance floor no matter what kind of event he is performing at has aided to jam-packing of many venues across Bangalore.

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Passion For Music

At an early age when he was Mangalore, he developed a passion for mixing and creating music. His love for music grew after he moved to Bangalore and started vising the clubs here.

His passion combined with his dedication lead him to becoming one of the biggest names in the Bangalore nightlife scene. He found his niche in working with Bollywood music. The regular party people of Bangalore know about the DJs ability to make everyone loose themselves on the dance floor with his Bollywood/bhangra mixes.

His remixes can be found online or at an event he is performing in. His unique style of mixing allows him to work with songs that one would not think of finding in a remix list. His bootlegs/mixes have a way of elevating a song's beat.

Credits DJ Hemanth

Live Acts

The DJ has headlined at some of the biggest clubs in Bangalore. He has been witnessed mixing and producing beats at Blimey, Tilt, Tipsy Bull, Zuri and many other arenas including Club Swirl in Chennai.

Though he plays some amount of commercial and house music too, its his mixes of Bollywood songs that send the crowd thumping the dance floor with all their energy. It's because of DJs like him that people fill the clubs to forget the city life for a night.

Credits DJ Hemanth

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