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About DJ Hassan

DJ Hassan started out as an assistant DJ in 2013, his impressive talent took him to greater heights and onto international stages. Hassan has not only become a global and popular DJ, but also one of the best in the entertainment industry. His work has been recognized by crowds all over the world. 

Image Credits: Facebook - DJ Hassan

His love for music and mastery in the art of DJ’ing seems to have been reaching greater heights as he has set high standards for both House music and electro Bollywood. These two are the genres Hassan is best associated with. As a proof and an encouragement to his impeccable talent, The Cambridge College awarded him with the ‘Best DJ’ in 2014.

After tonnes of achievement and being an inspiration to aspiring DJ’s Hassan has made it big in the industry. His performances are guaranteed fun and groove that can set anyone on ‘dance’ mode. He seems to have set standards that let him keep getting only better with every performance, also one of of the many talents of Hassan that has helped in this massive DJ journey of his.

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