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About DJ Esha

Known as the beauty with the beats, DJ Esha is a Bangalore based DJ who is slowly gaining momentum in the clubbing circuit. The multi talented DJ has been performing at various clubs in India and even works as a model when she's not making people get loose with her music. Known for her experimental music, DJ Esha knows how to make people spin to her music. 

Credits- DJ Esha

About the DJ

The DJ completed her Disc Jockey course from Resonance Studios and Academy Bangalore. Looking to conquer the dance music world, Esha plans to keep performing at various clubs and some day become a global figure in the field of EDM.

With her rapid growth in the music Industry, DJ Esha keeps her schedule busy with performances at various clubs and some popular events in big cities. In 2014, she was the only female DJ to be a part of the official lineup for Shiva Squad Music festival in Manali. Recently the young DJ was featured in a short movie by Bluestone which focused on her journey as a DJ. 

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