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You usually visit a coffee shop for some retreat and respite from the outward chaos, to do office work in peace. Almost all the cafes today offer free WiFi so that you can get your office work done while sipping a hot cuppa. However, in the back of your mind, there’s always the thought of the coffee and food bill burning a hole in your pockets. Amidst all the cafes’ Dialogues café has stood out and is quickly gaining popularity because of its unique concept. Here you get charged only for the time you spend here.
Located in JP Nagar in Bangalore, Dialogues Café is more like a social club with a cafe, work-space, and library of sorts, all rolled into one. The other facilities of Dialogues Cafe include the permission to order food from outside or bring your own tiffin. What else can anyone ask for in a café?!
Dialogues Café charges Rs 190 for the first hour and then Rs 3 per minute, at a maximum charge of Rs 1,000 for a day. There is a weekly plan for Rs 3,400, and monthly plan for Rs 6,900 per head.

Phone Number

098119 74842


57, 15th Cross Rd, Gangadhar Nagar, JP Nagar Phase 6, JP Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078
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