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Comprising both the Competitve as well as Non-Competitive categories, Devils Circuit offers something to every one. The Competitive category allows you to test your stamina, strength, grit, determination and physical capabilities against a peer group of athletes, all vying to complete the course in the shortest possible time. The Non- Competitive category is for those souls who carry adventure in their spirit. Ranging from 16 to 76 years, participants come and enjoy the unique opportunity of tackling cool obstacles and enjoy the thrill of completing as many as they can in the company of friends and supportive like minded strangers. You don't have to be an athlete or even a runner to join in, all you need is an indomitable spirit and you're good to go. Irrespective of the category, as soon as you finish the cross line, you become a true DEVILSLAYER. Waiting on the other side is beer, red bull, a shiny huge gold medal and the biggest party you have ever seen. Come and be a part of the madness and join the ever growing tribe of the Devil Slayers. The Devil Slayers are easily recognised by not only the awesome Devil Circuit Headwrap and Tshirt that they earn but by the sense of achievement and belonging they carry with them wherever they go. Feel the Thrill.Join the Tribe. Be a Devilslayer.

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