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About Darter Photography

Hereby declaring you a Travel Photographer!

As fancy as it sounds, Darter Photography is bent on breeding a travel junkie you, with a camera in hand, including helping you with a bit of technical photography too! On a Photography Tour with Darter, travel with some of the best photographers to stunning destinations, capturing nature, wild, culture, landscapes and lifestyle.

If you are a person who loves to travel and take pictures of things you would miss to notice on an otherwise busy day, one of Daters events is your way!

Darter Photography, founded in 2010 has a team of passionate photographers who have been extensive travellers. The photography tours and workshops across India are mentored by these dynamic talents. Specialising in giving great technical photography training, while travelling to different destinations, Darter gives a peak into the life of a Travel Photographer.

Arun Bhat and Shreeram MV, founders of Darter have made remarkable approach to photography. It's amazing to watch each of the skilled photographers on the team, catering to different forms of outdoor photography like wildlife, travel, food and styling and so on.

While photography workshops caters to beginners and advanced photographers, the photography tours are focused on travel, landscape and nature photography across destinations in India.

Photography Tours that have been happening in the Himalayas have so far received great response among photographers. The lead photographer who will be mentoring the group usually is specialised in the particular kind of photography and has done these trips for quite a number of times. This helps him give expert views on the best spots to shoot from for the group. With such well planned photography tours, the group of photographers are sure to enjoy while learning better.

If you're thinking of making memories while still using a little escape from your busy life, then here's to your 'Lights.Camera.Outdoors.'!

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+919880006460, +919740083260


2/3 (152), 9th Cross Road, Phase 1, J. P. Nagar, Jeewan Sathi Colony, 1st Phase, J P Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078
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