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Kalasa Cycling Tour

Fri, 25 Aug 2017 - Sun, 27 Aug 2017 , 9:30PM
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Bengaluru Cycling Tour by Seeksherpa

Sat, 19 Aug 2017 , 6:00AM and more dates
Adinarayana Swamy Temple
Rs 1750

Temple and Thindi Cycling Trail

Sat, 26 Aug 2017 , 7:00AM and more dates
Lal Bagh - Mavalli
Don't get confused!

Treasures of Nandi Cycling Trail

Sun, 20 Aug 2017 , 7:00AM and more dates
Rs 6500

Rotary Cylothon

Sun, 10 Sep 2017 , 6:00AM
KSRP Office , Bangalore
Rs 600 onwards

BOTS BIKE School: Urban Cycling workshop

Sat, 26 Aug 2017 , 11:00AM
BumsOnTheSaddle Jayanagar

BBCh CRIT Series 2017 | CRIT 01

Sun, 27 Aug 2017 , 6:00AM
Bangalore Bicycle Championships
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About Cycling

Bicycle runs on fat and saves you money. Cycling lovers needs no encouragement in taking their bicycle out for a ride. Recreational cycling has become a trending activity in major cities, and what's better than a cycling club to get started on cycling with like minded people. Take a tour of the city in search of little known places or just take off on an unexplored trail for a week on your cycle, there’s always a place to cycle to. Here is our pick of some of the best Bangalore Cycling Clubs/Groups in Bangalore

Pedal in Tandem

A community of fitness and cycling enthusiasts together form Pedal in Tandem. The love for cycling , belief that cycling is one of the best fitness and weight-loss exercises to stay fit while is also a great way to explore your city and the surrounding countryside, keeps them together and helps the community grow bigger. They also organize packaged Eco-tours to select destinations, with cycling, trekking and health & wellness as the key themes. Their motto is to pedal in tandem towards healthier and happier lifestyle.

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Adventure Adda

Adventure Adda is a team that yearns to "Live your life by a compass not a clock". A team that keeps growing and soon will grow to include YOU. Their focus in the past, present and future is to bring exclusive and extraordinary experiences to each one of you. Their guides and outdoor experts will ensure that you will find and make the best connections even when there are no wifi signals. They believe in the philosophy that the most crooked, winding, lonesome and dangerous trails lead to the most amazing views. Their deep-routed love for nature makes us pay special attention to environmental and social sustainability. All routes, trips, tours, and programs are arranged and executed on the principles of Leave No Trace.

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On a Pedal

Provide a tour of Bengaluru- not the congested IT  crammed spaces but the heart of the city itself, rich in its heritage. They move around the city through the by-lanes, using bicycles. This provides a vista of experiences that show Bengaluru's cultural history, and you can, from up close, observe the everyday life of the Banglorean man (or woman). No experience of a culture would be complete without a sampling of its cuisine, so (included in the tour) they also ensure that after the invigorating exercise of biking around the city, (and working up an appetite in the process!), you get a taste of authentic South Indian food at a restaurant selected for its variety, taste and ambiance.

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Out of the founders’ passion to travel came up the travel company, Unventured, that organizes trips & tours on cycles. They work one day long city tours to short weekend trips to long haul expeditions to Ladakh & Eastern Himalayas. Letting the travellers engage with the places’ traditions, culture and way of living, these cycle tours create the best of the travel experiences. Unventured is obsessed with the need to provide travelers an experience that will leave them amazed, provide them simple but essential support to discover the Unventured – natural wealth, cultural diversity and natural history of Incredible India!

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