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About Christmas

Christmas, the day Jesus Christ was born, is the festival that’s celebrated almost throughout the world. The birth of Christ was in the humble surroundings of a cattle shed and he went on to perform miracles – And his Birthday is celebrated with fervour by 180 crore Christians and non Christians around the world.

Come December, towns and homes wear a festive look with Christmas trees adorned with decorations and surrounded by gifts.A few trips to the town square, bazaar or in recent times to the mall for Christmas shopping chimes in the Christmas celebrations. Clothes, decorations, gifts and grocery are all on the list to be accomplished.

People decorate their homes with coloured lights – majorly red, green & white, traditional decorations include bells, candles, candy canes, stockings, wreaths, and angels. Both the displaying of wreaths and candles in each window are a more traditional Christmas display. Scenes from Christ’s birth from the Bible, are depicted by placing figures of baby Christ , Mother Mary, Jospeh, the three kings and the cattle in a manger setup. Christmas crib decorations create friendly competition amongst neighbors on whose is best.

On Christmas Eve, attending the midnight mass wearing one’s finery, singing carols and later socializing wishing each other Merry Christmas is all part of the traditional celebrations. Christmas sweet making and baking is a revered activity and the goodies are happily shared and exchanged distributed amongst neighbours, friends and family. Donating to charity and the under-provided are selfless activities that bring joy to all.

The Christmas Lunch is a huge affair and brings together all family members from far and wide. The family then relaxes in each other’s company, followed by a trip to the beach or movie. Many restaurants now offer a Xmas lunch spread that’s easy on everyone- no hassle of cooking but all the more fun. 

Kids (and adults, ahem) look forward to the jolly good Santa Claus whose sack is full of surprises. Gifts, presents and parcels for those who have been good that year. 

Shop for gifts at carnivals, take a candle making workshop, enjoy the Christmas spread and relax at a musical show. 

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