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Carrots Restaurant is a fabulous dine-in place in Bangalore where you can enjoy delicious and healthy vegan foods only. The ambiance of the vegan restaurant is pleasant giving its visitors a positive thought of getting into diet conscious.
This review was for Carrots Restaurant.
Carrots Restaurant is a fabulous dine-in place in Bangalore where you can enjoy delicious and healthy vegan foods only. The ambiance of the vegan restaurant is pleasant giving its visitors a positive thought of getting into diet conscious.
This review was for Carrots Restaurant.
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vegan diet often has a bad reputation for being tasteless and outright unsavory.

The struggle is real for those who ditch their favorite dairy products to join

the plant based bandwagon. Often restaurants confuse veganism with

vegetarianism and refuse to ‘veganize’ a dish lest it would not taste

delicious. Carrots Restaurant is nothing less than a savior for the vegans in

Bangalore, which breaks the convention that one has to sacrifice flavor for

healthy and sustainable living or vice- versa.


located in one of the largest neighborhood Koramangala 6th Block, is

Bangalore’s pure vegan restaurant which is the first of its kinds in the city. Carrots

serves a plethora of lip- smacking options to satisfy your craving for sweet,

sour and tangy delicacies. Wholesome ingredients and healthy cooking are

combined to form innovative dishes like baked papdi chaat, palak seitan curry, millet burrito et al, which lure

one towards the ‘plant-based’ lifestyle. And with all the dishes priced at

reasonable rates, the eatery is a haven for those looking for a place to savor

dairy free and gluten free meals in a comfortable ambiance.


from serving scrumptious meals, Carrots also organizes private baking and

cooking classes, promising to revamp your culinary skills. The eatery also

executes catering services at small- scale.


might abound with vegetarians, but veganism is still a fairly new lifestyle in

our country where cows are revered for their milk. A metropolis like Bengaluru

has witnessed a considerable growth of people opting for plant based and

cruelty free foods. Keeping in mind this trend, Carrots also provides Vegan

Consultation services which comprises of menu creation, staff training and

workshops. By raising awareness of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, it has

become a place which serves more than just food.


if you want to tantalize your taste buds without sacrificing your healthy

lifestyle, Carrots Restaurant is the place to be!

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No 607, First Floor, 80 Feet Road, Koramangala 6th Block Bangalore India 560095

Recent Activity
Carrots Restaurant Sun, 25 Jun
Foodlovers India has written about our Rotary Fridge and Good Karma Meals.

We'd like to thank everyone who's been contributing towards the Good Karma Meals and continuing this circle of kindness. :)

If you'd like to contribute meals, you can ask us to add them to your bill at the restaurant or purchase them online here: https://www.gocashfree.com/product/110

The Fridge of Kindness
This initiative is helping thaw the seemingly frozen gap between chock-full pantries and starvation.
Carrots Restaurant Sat, 24 Jun
We got featured on this article on Entrepreneur India about the growth of vegan businesses. :)


Vegan Businesses Are Making In-roads in India
Early days for Veganism have begun in India.
Carrots Restaurant Fri, 23 Jun
Woohoo! We're so so excited to announce our special for the Ramadan weekend (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) - our fantastic Vegan Biriyani made with delicious mock meat from Vegitein, along with Raita and Sweet Semiyan!!! :)

Home delivery available to any part of Bangalore, please coordinate a pick up via Supertext by sending them a Whatsapp message on 8884455506.

Carrots Restaurant Fri, 23 Jun
Insanely Creamy Vegan Sausage Pasta - live recipe video with Salona, Rheea and Susmitha. We'll be featuring products from Vegitein JusAmazin and Carrots Restaurant. Recipe by the very talented Rheea of Messy Cooking, Always Vegan! See you soon! :)
Carrots Restaurant Fri, 23 Jun
At 12:30 pm, join Salona, Rheea and Susmitha for a live recipe demo here on the Carrots Restaurant Facebook page. We'll be featuring products from Vegitein, JusAmazin and Carrots. Recipe by the very talented Rheea of Messy Cooking, Always Vegan! See you soon! :)
Carrots Restaurant Fri, 23 Jun
We had a great time teaching a Dairy Alternatives workshop at @Happy Healthy Me! It was a full house and it made us very happy to see so many people interested in switching to the vegan path. :) The space is beautiful and the team at HappyHealthyMe is friendly and helpful. We're looking forward to doing more workshops at their place soon.
Carrots Restaurant Wed, 21 Jun
Have you tasted our evil little Vegan Gulab Jamoon, yet? It has an unbelievable khova jamoon texture and taste. Irresistible to vegans and non vegans alike, people often can't stop at just one.
Carrots Restaurant Tue, 20 Jun
Look at all these lovely, freshly made Energy Hearts. All lined up and ready to go on our store shelf. Those cute cardboard boxes make them perfect for gifting too.
Carrots Restaurant Mon, 19 Jun
Aubergine Mushroom Platter - another brilliant fusion concoction by our chef! Pretty much everyone who has it falls in love. And the dish has a few fans who order it EVERY SINGLE TIME they visit Carrots! Haha
Carrots Restaurant Sun, 18 Jun
Healthy Vegan Carrot Cake recipe by Arun V Rangasamy of Samabhava (Regd Animal welfare organisation) and lucky draw for our giveaway of 1000 gift certificates to contributors of Samabhava's crowdfunding campaign. http://samabhava.org

#vegan #oilfree #sugarfree

Carrots Restaurant Sat, 17 Jun
Yay! We got featured on the awesome Messy Cooking, Always Vegan blog. It was really interesting and fun to answer the thought provoking questions by Rheea about the kind of work and details that go into running Carrots.


Behind The Scenes At Bangalore's First Vegan Restaurant (Talking Shop With Susmitha Subbaraju)
Susmitha Subbaraju Meet Susmitha Subbaraju who runs Carrots , Bangalore's first vegan restaurant. She's been doing som...
Carrots Restaurant Fri, 16 Jun
Are you sick and tired of all this ridiculously obsessive #cricket craziness going around? Then watch this video... #ditchcricketgovegan #sosickofcricket

Cricket lovers, no offense. This video is not for you, so don't watch it.

Carrots Restaurant Fri, 16 Jun
Mango Mousse Cake - our chef's special dessert for this weekend is freaking awesome!!! Enough said.
Carrots Restaurant Thu, 15 Jun
Have you tried the raw food section of our menu yet? Just look at this Raw Fettuccine with Creamy Sauce! Hard to believe it has zero cooked ingredients.
Carrots Restaurant Wed, 14 Jun
Raju wants to grow tall. Ram gives him an Energy Booster Shake. And then...
Carrots Restaurant Wed, 14 Jun
Our team worked very hard to clean, patch up, paint and uplift the entire staircase area leading up to Carrots. From our chefs to our housekeeping staff, everyone came out and put an effort. The initiative was led by our intern Deepak. :) The project has brought a whole new energy to the restaurant!
Carrots Restaurant Tue, 13 Jun
When the weather's chilly but you don't want to resort to deep fried food, our Chatpata Sprouts Salad totally hits the spot! From the spicy, lemony dressing to the crunch of the sprouts and cucumber, you're sure to be feeling satisfied and not at all guilty!
Carrots Restaurant Tue, 13 Jun
Reducing the "purity" of the non-vegetarians, one vegan meal at a time. Muhuhahaha.
Carrots Restaurant Mon, 12 Jun
Slots available on Sunday, June 18. Attend the free Vegan Boot Camp this month! Register here: https://www.veganopia.org/vegan-boot-camp

Go vegan with confidence and learn everything about the why and how of becoming vegan and staying vegan.

Please share this with people who are interested in going vegan or are recent vegans who need help or guidance. #GoVegan #GoVeganWithConfidence #Veganopia

Carrots Restaurant Sun, 11 Jun
We love full house days like these! :) We were totally packed for Saturday lunch and dinner. Looking forward to a full house Sunday too.