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Basic Telepathic Animal Communication Workshop Bangalore

Sat, 11 Mar 2017 - 12 Mar 2017 , 9:00AM
Carrots Restaurant , south bangalore
Basic Telepathic Animal Communication workshop This ancient art of interspecies telepathic communication is insightful, empowering and humbling in equal measure. Whether it’s your pet or a rescue animal you are working with, every human is capable of dialogue with these sentient beings • Have you ever been curious what your cat or dog has been thinking? • Have you wondered what they ...
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Carrots Restaurant is a fabulous dine-in place in Bangalore where you can enjoy delicious and healthy vegan foods only. The ambiance of the vegan restaurant is pleasant giving its visitors a positive thought of getting into diet conscious.
This review was for Carrots Restaurant.
Carrots Restaurant is a fabulous dine-in place in Bangalore where you can enjoy delicious and healthy vegan foods only. The ambiance of the vegan restaurant is pleasant giving its visitors a positive thought of getting into diet conscious.
This review was for Carrots Restaurant.
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vegan diet often has a bad reputation for being tasteless and outright unsavory.

The struggle is real for those who ditch their favorite dairy products to join

the plant based bandwagon. Often restaurants confuse veganism with

vegetarianism and refuse to ‘veganize’ a dish lest it would not taste

delicious. Carrots Restaurant is nothing less than a savior for the vegans in

Bangalore, which breaks the convention that one has to sacrifice flavor for

healthy and sustainable living or vice- versa.


located in one of the largest neighborhood Koramangala 6th Block, is

Bangalore’s pure vegan restaurant which is the first of its kinds in the city. Carrots

serves a plethora of lip- smacking options to satisfy your craving for sweet,

sour and tangy delicacies. Wholesome ingredients and healthy cooking are

combined to form innovative dishes like baked papdi chaat, palak seitan curry, millet burrito et al, which lure

one towards the ‘plant-based’ lifestyle. And with all the dishes priced at

reasonable rates, the eatery is a haven for those looking for a place to savor

dairy free and gluten free meals in a comfortable ambiance.


from serving scrumptious meals, Carrots also organizes private baking and

cooking classes, promising to revamp your culinary skills. The eatery also

executes catering services at small- scale.


might abound with vegetarians, but veganism is still a fairly new lifestyle in

our country where cows are revered for their milk. A metropolis like Bengaluru

has witnessed a considerable growth of people opting for plant based and

cruelty free foods. Keeping in mind this trend, Carrots also provides Vegan

Consultation services which comprises of menu creation, staff training and

workshops. By raising awareness of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, it has

become a place which serves more than just food.


if you want to tantalize your taste buds without sacrificing your healthy

lifestyle, Carrots Restaurant is the place to be!

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No 607, First Floor, 80 Feet Road, Koramangala 6th Block Bangalore India 560095

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No 607, First Floor, 80 Feet Road, Koramangala 6th Block Bangalore India 560095

Recent Activity
Carrots Restaurant Mon, 21 Feb
Samabhava (Regd Animal welfare organisation) is an organisation that's very close to our hearts. It's run by Sandesh and Arun, who are dedicated to rescuing and caring for working equines and promoting awareness about veganism. Carrots is proud to be joining hands with them on their fundraiser by sponsoring gift vouchers worth 1k each to 10 lucky donors. Please check out the campaign and donate generously. We owe it to these equines who have helped build your houses.


Carrots Restaurant Mon, 21 Feb
Shriya of VegPlanet Magazine wrote a feature on the recent Vegan Kids Meet-Up we had at the restaurant. :)
Bengaluru's Carrots Restaurant Hosts First Vegan Kids Meet Up - VegPlanet Magazine
Think veganism and picture some adorable kids of the next generation in one frame and you will realise why the compassionate munchkins of tomorrow can do with an extra dose of love. On 18th February, Carrots Restaurant, one of Bengalurus premier vegan food destinations hosted the first ever Vegan
Carrots Restaurant Sat, 19 Feb
Bangalore Vegan Kids Meet-Up. First of its kind. The adorableness quotient was super high at the restaurant last evening. We just love these compassionate munchkins!
Polka Cafe Fri, 18 Feb
Is it an #organic, #sattvic or #vegan weekend? #bangalore Carrots Restaurant Paradigm Shift Lumiere - Nature's Partner Sattvam - Rediscovering Sattvic Cuisine Yogi-sthaan Soulful living. The Higher Taste Green Theory
7 Organic And Vegan Restaurants In Bangalore That Make It Easy For Us To Stay Healthy
We all hear words like organic, vegan, vegetarian and so on and so forth. It's all very confusing if you ask me. So what exactly do these words mean? Vegans are vegetarians who don't eat anything that is produced by animals. They don't even use animal by-products. A substance is called organic when
Carrots Restaurant Thu, 17 Feb
Our delicious Chef's Special Dessert for this weekend of 18th & 19th February. Super healthy and delicious!

#rawfood #vegandessert #noprocessedingredients #fruitsweetened

Carrots Restaurant Wed, 16 Feb
Another thought provoking message from one of our guests. Drop in to Carrots and leave your own inspiring message in our specially designed "thought cards" to be put up on our walls.
Asha Shivaram Tue, 15 Feb
Loving the live demos. Please show an easy yo make croissant recipe
Carrots Restaurant Tue, 15 Feb
Recipe: Nucchina Unde and Hasi Majjigehuli by Rekha Shastry of @rekhashastry on Instagram

Vegan curds recipe: https://www.facebook.com/CarrotsTheHealthyKitchen/videos/865241860253612/

Carrots Restaurant Mon, 14 Feb
Happy Valentines Day everyone! Wish you all lots of love, hugs, kisses, laughter and joy with everyone you love. :)
Carrots Restaurant Sun, 13 Feb
On Wednesday, 15th Feb, we have a live recipe video of a traditional Karnataka recipe by Rekha Shastry (https://www.instagram.com/rekhashastry/) - Nucchina Unde with Hasi Majjigehuli.

Here's a direct link to our videos page: http://bit.ly/CarrotsVideos

If you reach the page before 4 pm, please refresh the page once soon after 4 pm.

Carrots Restaurant Sat, 12 Feb
Chocolate cream cake with a really pretty icing! :)
Shilpa Prabhu Nagavara Thu, 10 Feb
Wish you a very happy birthday Carrots :)
Carrots Restaurant Thu, 10 Feb
Recipe: Hot & Cold Coffee with Coconut Mylk
Carrots Restaurant Wed, 09 Feb
Live Video tomorrow, Friday, 10th Feb: Making Hot & Cold Coffees with Coconut Mylk and announcing the lucky winners of our Carrots 4th Anniversary giveaway.

There's time till 12 noon tomorrow to enter the giveaway. Watch the first two videos on this link to know how: http://bit.ly/CarrotsVideos

If you reach our page before 4 pm tomorrow, refresh the page once after 4 pm.

Carrots Restaurant Tue, 08 Feb
Shivani of Bangalore Mirror wanted to publish an article about vegan cheese so we shared some recipes and photographs with her. Enjoy! :) http://bangaloremirror.indiatimes.com/columns/you/going-nuts-with-cheese/amp_articleshow/56975336.cms
Carrots Restaurant Mon, 07 Feb
Our Vegan Butter Biscuits have been a huge huge hit. At 50 for 200g, they're an excellent idea for munching on everyday and sharing/gifting too. And yes, if you bring your own dabbas, we'd be happy to pack these bikkis in them for you. :)
Carrots Restaurant Sun, 06 Feb
Telling you more about the gourmet 5 course meal lucky draw prize.

All entries must come in before 12 noon on Friday, 10th February. The winners will be announced during our live recipe demo video on Friday afternoon.

Previous video announcing the giveaway: https://www.facebook.com/CarrotsTheHealthyKitchen/videos/1183044738473321/

Carrots Restaurant Fri, 04 Feb
Chef Mohan created a yummy gluten free pasta from scratch. It's our Chef's Special for this weekend of 4th & 5th February.
Carrots Restaurant Thu, 03 Feb
4th Anniversary Celebrations begin! A very special announcement.
Carrots Restaurant Tue, 01 Feb
Foxtail Millet Salad with Cashew Dressing by Rheea. Check out her blog: http://messycookingalwaysvegan.blogspot.in and follow her on Instagram @messycooking_alwaysvegan

This one is a continuation of Rheea's video after the first part got cut off due to some technical glitch. Part one is here if you'd like to watch: https://www.facebook.com/CarrotsTheHealthyKitchen/videos/1181242121986916/

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