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Brahmagiri Day Trek

Fri, 19 May 2017 , 10:00PM
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Nishani Motte Trek

Fri, 16 Jun 2017 , 9:30PM
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About Brahmagiri

Situated perfectly in between the lush green Kodagu and Wayanad, Brahmagiri is one of the most attractive, frequent attempt by trekkers. At an altitude of 5270 odd ft, the view from the top, after a trek is an absolute delight.

Image Credits: Wikimedia

The trail along the trek is one of the well forested. One of the routes to Brahmagiri also has Nagarhole National Park crossing. As a perfect place to spot wildlife, Bramagiri adds reasons for wildlife enthusiasts to keep coming back for more. But mostly trekkers avoid monsoon because of the leeches along the trails. Right after monsoons is the ideal trekking season at Brahmagiri. Trekkers will not be allowed to camp overnight at Brahmagiri, but there are homestays available at Thirunelli. There is also a temple at Thirunelli that is said to have been built by Lord Brahma himself and hence the name of the peak too. With all the basic amenities available at Thirunelli, this is one of the best base camp spot for the trekkers. 

Trekkers also need to make sure the permissions are taken for them to be able to access the reserve park at Brahmagiri. A guide throughout the trek is also greatly recommended. The charges also include the charges for the guide. If trekkers are not used to trekking on their own, there are a lot of travel companies with great packages and deals for this. 

How to get there?

The shorter route through the Nagarhole National Park is a great route with stunning great scenes. If not, the other route is through Mysore, Sulthan Bathery and reaches Thirunelli.

Things to do

1. Nagarhole National Park is a must visit 

2. Thirunelli has quite a few sightseeing spots including the Thirunelli temple.

3. Irrupu falls is about 9 Kms from Brahmagiri 

4. Munikal Caves is about a 7 Kms trek to Brahmagiri

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