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About blueFROG

Blue Frog, a place where the best of the performances take place.Situated in the heart and centre of the city, M.G Road, the place exhibits a great sense of entertainment, fun and pleasure. Blue Frog's structure is built more of glass material than bricks or any hard material! This 'glassy' venue is a treat for the party goers and entertainment freaks. From ceiling to the floor, the glassy walls have shaped the place. The place has also been built in par with the purpose- performance. As such, the place is technically sound with cutting edge sound controlled lighting. Talking specifically about the place in terms of performance, the place is considered to be one of the most premiere clubs in the country to showcase the famous national and international stars.The fact that the place feaures artists and live performances 6 days a week round the year is a unique thing to offer to the audiences. What's more on the performance plate is the comedy nights, poetry performances and film nights! Blue Frog is one of the very few places were almost all genre of music are played.Styles such as jazz, blues, funk, soul, folk and Afro / Latin to electronic, pop, synth, drum & bass have a regular appearance on stage at Blue Frog. With variety of drinks, delicious foods and great line-up of artists, the place is surely one of the favourite nightlife destinations.

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Blue Frog is a one stop platform for all your party and entertainment needs. If you are looking for a place where quality and excellent performances take place, you can go for Blue Frog with your eyes closed. The line-up of talented national and international music artists is the USP of this place. To add on to this USP, featuring of different artists for 6 days  week round the year is what makes the venue a glittery and attractive for the nightlife freaks. Count the food and the drinks to this list of excellence. 

Check these out: European and Asian foods are a MUST to have at Bluefrog.

Pricing: Pricing for two persons is Rs 2200 approximately. Might be a big deal in terms of investment for many but the return is glittering, like a gold!

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Well you have some alluring names under this heading. Mentioning merely M.G. Road and Brigade Road would end up writing any more for this section. And so I end up here!

Phone Number

+91 080-69999549


No. 3, Church St, Beside Matteo Coffee Shop, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001
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