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About Bloom & Grow

A creative space dedicated towards artists, creative enthusiasts and aspiring artists to revive and start their journey in art. True to its name this space provides the perfect environment to artists to share, learn, grow and bloom in their creativity. It’s primarily a venue where various professional artists in different fields of art & craft conducts workshops, classes and events that encourages creativity bloom through different mediums.

Carol Pinto, a former corporate executive, created this studio space in 2012 as she wanted to pursue her passion for art and craft. Initially it was meant as a space for children to explore art beyond music and dance, and be an alternative learning space where different crafts were being taught and explored. Gradually the space became popular with crafters, artists and hobbyists to gather and collaborate on various workshops. They started conducting various classes and workshops for interested people.

Workshops, ranging from candle making, soap making to decoupage art and baking, are conducted here. Anything and everything art is propagated here, only limit is imagination and non-creative things. They have regular classes for anybody who is interested and over the age of six can attend the classes. Workshops are also held at regular intervals by professional artists. Apart from being a venue of workshops, this place also functions as a creative co-working space for artists. Bloom & Grow strives to create an ambiance that encourages and nurtures creativity.

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Bloom & Grow, 84F, 17th D Main Road, Koramangala 6 Block, Koramangala Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095 India
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