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About Akshay Laxman

Akshay Laxman is one of the most talented mentalist and mind reader who has been impressing media with his approach to reading minds. Bollywoods favourite TV star with a talent that has gained recognition worldwide. Known for his impeccable talent of entertaining audience, he was on TV shows like ‘India’s got talent’ and ‘Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega’.

Akshay, also a new generation illusionist, holds credit for quickly grabbing attention of his audiences and leave them stunned in ‘awe’ with his talks that are guaranteed thrills and laughter. Bollywood stars including Amir Khan, Honey Singh, Vidya Balan and many more have been admiring Akshay’s great work time and again. Since his appearance that went international on Carnival Cruise Lines in 2011, he has become popular for his mind-reading act.

His videos on YouTube has been a great success in reaching out to many across the globe. His shows are packed with lively audiences looking out for inspiration and a great entertainment. His subtle yet quick humour is an impressive factor, adding to the great concepts during his shows. Although he is well known as a mind reader, an illusionist and a mentalist, Akshay claims no such abilities.

He is also an efficient corporate trainer, who comes across as a great motivation among budding corporates. He also performs at leading front-line corporates like Toyota, Tata Motors, Samsung, Carnival Cruise Line (USA) and many more including popular TV channels and shows. His performances are loaded with some mind blowing ideas, observations and humour that are applauded and received well by his audiences.

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