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About Agumbe

Popularly known as the Cherrapunji of the south, Agumbe is one of the small villages along the Malnad region of Karnataka. Agumbe is also known for its rainforest conservation efforts and also the efforts that many organisations make on promoting the cottage industries in and around Agumbe. This is also one of the most scenic trekking spots that constantly has trekkers and tourists visiting.

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As one of the tourist spots, Agumbe offers some of the best scenic views of the dense green forest stretches. Agumbe is also easily along the UNESCO World Heritage Site. As a hill village, Agumbe also charms the trekkers out on some of the best trekking spots along the Western Ghats region.

With a lot of waterfalls along the Agumbe region, that tourists are keen on visiting throughout the year. 

Barkana Falls at 850 ft, is also the 10th highest falls in India. A 5 Kilometer trek to the Onake Abbi Falls shows a spectacular forest trails. The Jogigundi Falls and Koodlu Theertha Falls  are also falls that tourists never miss spotting. 

The sunset view point is one of the most popular spots, not very far from Agumbe. One can spot sunset over the Arabian Sea from the viewpoint. 

Agumbe is the proud host of the The Agumbe Rainforest Research Station (ARRS), founded in 2005 by Romulus Whitaker, a herpetologist. Its purpose is to create a local biodiversity database, encourage individual scientific research, collaborate with India's Department of Forestry and conserve the rainforest of the Western Ghats as well as to educate the residents of the region in the importance of forestry conservation. The King Cobra, an endangered species, is the station's 'flagship species'.

The place has also been popularised on media from the Malgudi Days, a TV series based on novels by RK Narayan. The scenic surroundings of dense forests along the hill stretches with also a hint of the beach seems to hand all of it in just one package to visitors. 

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