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About ADD Ventures Unlimited

ADDventures Unlimited is a dream of dedicated activity holidaying enthusiasts wanting to explore this beautiful world that has to be seen, experienced, felt, touched, nurtured, developed and shared totally, and thoroughly. Nature has catalysed the creative juices of man over centuries of evolution and will continue being inspirational. It has now embraced a spectrum of learning expertise over a horizon of intensity that NATURE is being offered to us as solace, peace, healing cure, therapy, stress buster and catalyst for rejuvenating our efficiencies and effectiveness across Board Rooms, laboratories, markets and Class rooms. Although India has some of the most breathtaking and geographically diverse terrains in the world—forests, mountains, beaches, deserts and more—it is only in the last few years that they have become hot spots for activity based holidays—offering both Indian and international travellers world-class facilities for all the thrills and action that you can imagine. ADDventures has by design identified the gaps and worked professionally on bridging these: from the farthest to the nearest, the warmest to the coolest, the economy to the no-strings attached traveler, the seasonal variance spinning magic across the length and breadth of INDIA, the vast deep seas and the meandering rivers, the stupendously high mountains to the serene lakes. ADDventures has meticulously taken the art of planning holidays based on the enthusiast’s likes and preferences from every dimension into a science of predictable HAPPINESS. From the exploratory pleasures of bird watching or trekking to the adrenaline rush of whitewater rafting or paragliding, you can rest fascinated with ADDventures. Founded by three nature- leaning and adventure- charged student entrepreneurs, the distinct value add is that while every care is being taken to plan the logistics and the economics of every adventure, the promoters themselves do a recce to detail every minute aspect from the comfort and authenticity of travel, stay, food, health, tour itineraries and absolute delight to the detailing of why and how the logistics and economics are substantiated. While Nature is by design transparent, ADDventures takes a leaf out of this book!!! (Royalty and copyright violations not factored!!!) ADDventures has committed to make every associate feel fascinated of the world he/she lives in, through our tours/adventures/movies/projects etc and at the same time realize the part he/she has to play as a human being in harmony with nature. This is our mission, motto and mindset. Join Us!

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