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About The Humming Tree

The Humming Tree is one of the most sought out venues for artists to perform in Bangalore. Be it music or art, each venue is sure to become a success if it’s been held at the Humming Tree.
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Open since June 2013, The Humming Tree is the favorite spot for the Bangaloreans to have interesting and delicious food, drinks and congenial thoughts in an authentic environment during the day and a diverse music venue with extra-ordinary sound at night. 

Located in one of the most bustling areas of Bangalore, on 12th Main road, off 100ft road Indira Nagar is a hotspot providing a relaxed atmosphere, personal service and, most importantly, fantastic gigs from artists all around India and the world. The Humming Tree is sprawled across two floors with a bright and open terrace, which is an add-on. The interiors are very quirky with the exposed brick and raw concrete contrasted with numerous plants and the warm tones of the wooden bar and seating arrangements.

The space has been ideally named as one can always hear the ‘humming’ of several artists and bands. The Humming Tree is also frequented with comedy artists whose performances force the visitors to Laugh Out Loud. The entertainment is accompanied with scrumptious meals and drinks, which is one of the USP of Humming Tree.

The food, drinks, music and laughter are the four ingredients that makes Humming Tree a loved place for the people of Bangalore.

949, 3rd Floor, 12th Main, Off 100 Feet Road, 
Indiranagar, Bangalore
Phone: +919886618386/ 08025201201

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BYOB is one USP of this place. The place stands true to its name, the place is humming, with one or the other band/artist performing every night. Music gigs is the most attractive point to talk about the Humming Tree. So if you really love to have a drinks in hand and enjoy the live music, this is where you OUGHT TO BE. Also, if you love to laugh, come to Humming Tree. Comedy performances are a regular feature here with talented stand-up artists compelling you o LOL. Ambiance of the venue would surely fascinate you.With great variety of drinks and food, you have plenty of choices to avoid suppressing your appetite.

Check these out: Chilli Basil Chicken and Pizzas are the featured dishes at this place. Make sure you try these out.

Pricing: For a couple of persons, the approximate cost is Rs 1800. Feels a bit expensive? Don't worry,take a chance and visit the place. It would end your false notions as the place would offer you much more than the investment probably by 2 x times..!

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The Humming Tree, 949, 12th Main Road, Doopanahalli,Indira Nagar Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008
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