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About Tasveer

TASVEER a photograph, an idea, a moment in time. An organization committed to the art of photography and photography as art. To showcase contemporary photography by staging a diverse range exhibitions which explore both new trajectories in contemporary photograph as well as revisit the work of important photographers from the past. And to do this by exhibiting works of both Indians as well as International photographers with regularity, precision & joy. To ensure a wide audience by exhibiting the work of representing photographers across its network of galleries in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Bangalore - the head office. To further collaborate with galleries and art institutions around the world to encourage cross cultural dialogues within the medium, fostering exchange of ideas, creativity and debate. To advise individuals, cultural organizations, museums ad corporate houses interested in investing in photography as an art form and to help them build their collections. By doing this, our aim is to encourage the love, appreciation an collection of photography as art, as fragments of 'captive' time, of memory. To be cherished. Shared with others. Revisited - both privately and publicly, again and again. To achieve this Tasveer will archive, document, publish works of photography and maintain an evolving, growing digital archive of photographic images through it's website and at it's galleries.

Phone Number

+ 918040535217


26/1 Kasturba Cross Road Bangalore India 560001
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