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Riddle Room is a live escape room, a type of physical adventure game where the lines between real world and fiction are blurred, and where the seemingly mundane is brought vividly to life. In this genre of games, players are closed inside a room and have to use only their brains to crack codes, ciphers and clues inside the room to make their escape in 60 minutes. Don’t mistake this to be a video game or board game where you sit at a table with a group of people to get through and be the winner. At Riddle Room, you are physically inside the story and have to solve the multitude of riddles and puzzles to escape the room. All the pleasures are tactile. You find something not by punching keywords into a search bar, but by hunting and thinking things through.

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B-18, Raheja Arcade Basement, opp. Forum Mall, Koramangala Bangalore India 560095
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