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About Ranga Shankara

Rang Shankara was started by Shankar Nag along with a theatre star of that time,Arundhati Nag.His love for theatres,back from the days when he used to theatres in Bombay,drove Shankar to start a small theatre in Bangalore called 'Sanket'.From then on,the duo performed on the stage for a number of times and left a remarkable and significant impression in the world of theatre.Thus,Shankara's dream of setting up of a theatre in Bangalore was getting realistic.And this was how Rang Shankara saw its foundation being laid.After Shankara Nag passed away in 1992,people who had worked closely with him and Arundhati took this initiative to make Rang Shankara a reality. Sanket was registered as a trust and raised funds so that Rang Shankara could develop.Today,it is an attractive venue for performing arts,theatre and other performances. Rang Shankara boasts of one of the finest world-class theatre facilities in Bangalore and is also a highly affordable space in the country at present.The venue is a proud host to some of the finest theatrical performances and events from India and abroad.The centre is consistently working towards the formation of innovative theatre forms and its commissioning.Imparting theatre skills and building audiences for theatre are also the key aims of the organisation.And they do it through facilitating outreach programmes. Located in South Bangalore,J.P Nagar,the place is well connected to other area of Bangalore.

Theatre Course

Ranga Shankara conducts a theatre appreciation course once in a year(generally in October month).The fee is 5000 with discounts for students.

Annual Theatre Festival

Ranga Shankara hosts annual theatre festival every year in the month of October. Plays from various languages are showcased here.

Mango Party

What's more interesting about this place is that it hosts several attractive events of which the MANGO PARTY is one of the most loved one.This festival takes place every year in the summer season to celebrate the love for the king of fruits.

Reviews-Editor's Pick

With excellent theatre facilities,food facility,children's play,great ambiance and affordable tickets,Rang Shankara is a one-stop platform for theatre and art lovers.The fact that it encourages child and young artists is highly commendable. Overall,Rang Shankara is a pure delight and pride of Bangalore.

Development Area:One important area where the centre needs to work upon is the entry timing policy.There have been times when people had to face disappointment and embarrassment due to the strict policy which does not allow people to enter the theatre if they are late even by a couple of minutes.Keeping in view the unexpected traffic problems at times,the administration should be a bit lenient of the entry timings.If not,a refund policy should be encouraged.


The USP of Ranga Shankara is that it not only showcases Kannada language plays but also has English and Hindi plays as part of its programme every time.This is what delights people who are from different linguistic backgrounds.

Book Love

This place is also attractive for bookworms especially those in love with art.The book shop,located at the front side of the lobby is managed by the 'Sankars' and has great collection of books related to theatre and performances.What's more-the book store hosts events such as book reading sessions and book launches which further catalyses your love for literature!

Food Cafe

To enjoy more,you need to have energy.And to get that,you can walk in to the cafe for some akki roti,rolls and bhajjis. And yes,do not underestimate the power of this cafeteria,this is the place where you can meet the performers  who just performed/are going to perform before you!

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Ranga Shankara, No. 36/2, 8th Cross Road, JP Nagar, 2nd Phase Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078
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