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About Lahe Lahe

Lahe Lahe is a non-profit, performing arts theatre located in the Indiranagar, Bangalore. The place is the new buzz in the town for the performances and art related activities. It is also a social space for interaction and expression of individuals and the audiences. The ideology of expression is of prime importance and vision for Lahe Lahe.

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Located on a rooftop terrace, in Indiranagar, Lahe Lahe is known as an expression space. The place is an initiative by Edifice Labs- Lahe-Lahe, which is an Assamese phrase, meaning slowly slowly.

Lahe Lahe is a non-profit community platform that provides the required resources to people to exhibit and inspire. It brings together amateur and closet artists in a live, interactive setting, setting them to express themselves without any exhibitions.

The aim of Lahe Lahe is to “bring expression back to the community, through movement, sound, theatre, words, images and any other forms”, and to encourage the sharing of these expressions by providing community space where ideas and audiences intermingle and enrich each other.

 Lahe Lahe seeks to create an atmosphere where one can take that essential step back to slow down and quieten. Here people can take a break from their monotonous routine, slow down, break free from all inhibitions and give a free rein to their expression. 

So be it music, dance, poetry, theatre and any form of art, Lahe Lahe welcomes one and all, to express and to witness the performances!


no. 2906/2907, HAL 2nd Stage, Kodihalli layout, Bangalore- 560008

Bangalore, India

Phone: 080- 25202222

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With the centre regularly featuring poetry, literature, comedy story telling, music and other shows and workshops, the place is a definite go for leisure and learning. Its location, Indiranagar, is one of the most well connected areas from all parts of the city. Lahe Lahe is the new platform for rising stars and new artists and this makes the place even more fascinating.

Pricing: Tickets for this place are as  low as Rs 50 for some events. That is undisputed the best deal! No complains now.

Try These Out: Apart from the art events, one must go for Improv comedy shows. Beware, stomach might pain out of continuous laughter!

 Do check out this link for regular and interesting events of Improv in Lahe Lahe  and Lahe Lahe in general.

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Well there are so many to this list. Go for coffee in any of the coffee retails shops of Indiranagar. For eateries, Indiranagar is as famous and excellent as Koramangala and Frazer Town. Oh, by the way you can check these places out as well,for your appetite. And for shopping, you have plenty of options nearby too, mainly in Indiranagar again. Do visit Leela Palace and surrounding things in Old Airport Road.

Phone Number

098862 94444


Lahe Lahe, 2906 & 2907, 80 Feet Rd, Kodihalli, HAL II Stage, Indiranagar, Near Golden Daffodils, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038
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