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About Kathalaya

Kathalaya's International Academy of Storytelling is an internationally-recognized institute for storytelling, the only international and global academy that trains adults from all walks of life in Certificate and Diploma courses for storytelling. Since 1998 it has trained over 70000 people in the art of storytelling.

At Kathalaya Academy of Storytelling it is believed that the power of storytelling can help to create a practical, philosophical, and emotional connect within us. The Academy organizes Certificate, Diploma courses and short-term workshops not only all over India and the world to spread storytelling as a Life Skill. The certificate is affiliated to the International Storytelling Center, Tennessee, in U.S.A.; Scottish Storytelling Centre, UK; University of Skovde, Sweden. The storytelling techniques and skills that the participants learn during the course helps them communicate the story effectively using the right language tone and voice.

People learn to craft their stories in such a way that it evokes an emotional and intelligent response from the participants. It activates the listener’s imagination, keeps them engaged, connect them to their own experiences, and help them create new ones.

Phone Number

+918277389840, 08026689856


88 , Bhbcs Layout, 2nd Cross 3 main, Banerghatta Road BTM Layout Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076
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