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About Alliance Francaise de Bangalore

Alliance Francaise De Bangalore just adds to the cosmopolitan charm of the city. Nestled in a corner of the city, is an Indo-French Cultural centre. Alliance Francaise de Bangalore has an auditorium, a cafe, a TV-viewing space and a patio with a splash of green. 

Alliance Française, is a French language institute, which has established itself as a premier cultural institute in the city of Bangalore. The institute offers enriching courses in French language, which are instructed by skilled and competent group of teachers, employing unique methodology, emphasized with the latest teaching tools.

One of the best features of the Alliance is its library. The Médiathèque Simone de Beauvoir serves as the landmark of information on different aspects of France. It’s a landmark where people of different nationalities, age groups, professions and intellectual orientations meet and interact with each other.

The Alliance Française’s also offers stage to various artists for cultural performances. The annually-held International Music Day or the opening acts to global rock acts are a few of the many events that Alliance organizes to showcase and support talent while also promoting a cultural awareness.

The institute also hosts various events like theatre festival, comedy shows, musical nights, workshops and many other cultural events. Foreign films and documentaries are regularly screened at the TV-viewing space. The place is also known for its art exhibitions. The Cafe has some mouth watering food that’s perfect munchies while taking a break from all the intellectual and cultural exchange. Lookout for their Cookouts by popular French Chefs.

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+91 8040808181


Alliance Française de Bangalore, P.B 108, Thimmiah Road, Vasanthnagar Bangalore India 560052
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