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Social Samosa’s editorial team propels the industry with insightful analysis and investigative research – empowering decision making. Training brands, agencies and tools on harnessing the power of social right through the lifecycle of their product/service; Facilitating custom made social media workshops, seminars and events Propelling business by providing bespoke and industry specific reports that fill age old knowledge gaps. Sometimes answering questions you didn’t know you needed to ask! Social Samosa’s innovative team consists of platform experts, analysts specializing in a wide range of industries, accredited trainers and social media crisis management experts. In 2015 India’s leading social media content portal will: 1. Integrate brands, agencies and tools; 2. Promote and facilitate data-driven decision making; and 3. Facilitate information symmetry and best practice benchmarking All this is achieved by collaboration, partnership and innovation. Social Samosa is an organisation built on the ethos of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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+91 9986687299


401 / 501 Trellis, Off BKC, West, LBS Marg Kurla Mumbai, Maharashtra 400070
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