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About Zorba the Buddha

Free Your Soul at Zorba the Buddha

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As our day to day lives get busier, we feel the need to be one with nature more and more. Not many places in the country offer the seclusion and care necessary for this endeavour, except perhaps one. Zorba the Buddha is one of the most unique and special places to be found in Ghitorni, New Delhi. It is one of, if not the largest open faith spiritual institutions in the world. People from far and wide have come here in order to find inner peace, spiritual unity and a sense of belonging. Many of Zorba the Buddha’s members can to stay for a few days, but ended up staying for months or, in some cases, became permanent residents. Zorba the Buddha fosters free spirit and thinking. There are no societal rules and regulations and the community is extremely open minded. The entire focus of the institution is to find the best way in which an individual can lead a happy and fulfilling life. Events of many sorts take place on the premises regularly. Yoga is practiced routinely. Added to that are cultural programmes involving dancing, singing, spiritual healing and other remarkable practices. Zorba the Buddha is definitely a place which is good for your health, physical, mental and spiritual.

Brief History

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Ashwin Bharti, a lifelong disciple of Osho, is the founder of Zorba the Buddha. Bharti created the institution is order to help people find themselves, as he himself had done. While Zorba the Buddha is based on the tenets of Osho, it does not require people to become Osho’s followers. Bharti himself is a master in various forms of Zen, Shamanism, Tantra, music, and much more. It was his vision to marry all of these disciplines into one place, where are encouraged to find their own path in life.


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Zorba the Buddha’s website describes their relationship with food to be a love affair. And an incredible love affair it is. Zorba the Buddha prides itself as having some of the best organic vegetarian food you will ever find. The cuisine ranges between Indian, Mexican, Thai and Italian. At Zorba the Buddha no cellular devices are allowed. You are encouraged to enjoy your food and the present company. Everyone at the institution eats and savours every bite together. The food, at Zorba the Buddha, acts as a way to bring people closer to one another.


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Events at Zorba the Buddha are numerous. Setting aside the regular classes featuring pottery, yoga, painting, etc. the place also arranges several events and festivals. The Tattva Autumn Festival is set to begin at Zorba the Buddha from the 30th of September. There will also be a Yoga Teacher’s Training Program in September as well. As can be seen, life at Zorba the Buddha, although peaceful, can be quite eventful.

Zorba the Buddha is a place like no other. Its dedication in helping people find peace and happiness is inspiring and motivating. There is no doubt that a visit to this wonderful place can be a life changing event. So visit Zorba the Buddha, and find the true meaning of happiness.

Phone Number

011 6565 7265


7, Tropical Drive, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd, Ghitorni, New Delhi, Delhi 110030
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