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About The Beehive

About The Beehive
Tucked away in a quiet corner of Gurgaon, The Beehive is a place to relax and enjoy through a variety of activities and workshops thoughtfully crafted for children and adults. The driving philosophy is to have FUN doing something QUIRKY and CREATIVE From animation to theatre to gardening to exploring Indian art forms…. and much more The Beehive is a continuously evolving fun-hub catering to different schedules, moods, and interests With an emphasis on hands on involvement and individual attention, The Beehive is a place of joy, experimentation and free expression - where you can let your hair down, explore a hobby and strike new friendships, all at your own pace.

What we do
Our mélange of activities are organized along the following streams · After school for Children · Weekday morning Classes n Workshops for the stay at home Parents & Grandparents · Weekend Workshops & Events for Adults and Children · Compact programs and camps for Adults and Children organized during academic breaks We are continuously experimenting with new themes and some of our recent workshops include: Animation; Urban Gardening; Puppetry; Theatre; Storytelling; Fun with Science; Live Theatre Performances; Watercolor Painting, , Pottery & Sculpting; Lippan Kaam, Gond Art ..and much more……..

The Founder
The Beehive is an initiative of Loveena Singh an ex Banker and entrepreneur with a creative streak and a blithe spirit. It all started with a casual interest in Art & Craft which morphed into a passion, and then a business idea which made her quit a comfortable career as a banker to develop successful corporate gifting venture Family commitments took her overseas and after spending a couple of enriching years in New York – she headed back home to Gurgaon. During the process of settling in, she started to look around for exciting and creative avenues for herself and the family. Nothing too structured, just easy paced and offering a variety of hobbies in a welcoming environment Loveena’s search for this little oasis finally led to the conception of The Beehive - where she works with quality, like minded collaborators who share her vision. Loveena is always on the look out for exciting ideas to develop into engaging workshops and activities

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67A, Block C, Sushant Lok Phase I, Sector 43, Gurugram, Haryana 122022
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